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function::ucallers(3stap) [centos man page]

FUNCTION::UCALLERS(3stap)					 Context Functions					 FUNCTION::UCALLERS(3stap)

function::ucallers - Return first n elements of user stack backtrace SYNOPSIS
ucallers:string(n:long) ARGUMENTS
n number of levels to descend in the stack (not counting the top level). If n is -1, print the entire stack. DESCRIPTION
This function returns a string of the first n hex addresses from the backtrace of the user stack. Output may be truncated as per maximum string length (MAXSTRINGLEN). NOTE
To get (full) backtraces for user space applications and shared shared libraries not mentioned in the current script run stap with -d /path/to/exe-or-so and/or add --ldd to load all needed unwind data. SystemTap Tapset Reference June 2014 FUNCTION::UCALLERS(3stap)

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tapset::context(3stap)													    tapset::context(3stap)

tapset::context - systemtap context tapset DESCRIPTION
Context functions provide additional information about where an event occurred. These functions can provide information such as a back- trace to where the event occurred and the current register values for the processor. print_regs Print a register dump See function::print_regs(3stap) for details. pp Returns the active probe point See function::pp(3stap) for details. ppfunc Returns the function name parsed from pp() See function::ppfunc(3stap) for details. probe_type The low level probe handler type of the current probe. See function::probe_type(3stap) for details. execname Returns the execname of a target process (or group of processes) See function::execname(3stap) for details. pid Returns the ID of a target process See function::pid(3stap) for details. tid Returns the thread ID of a target process See function::tid(3stap) for details. ppid Returns the process ID of a target process's parent process See function::ppid(3stap) for details. pgrp Returns the process group ID of the current process See function::pgrp(3stap) for details. sid Returns the session ID of the current process See function::sid(3stap) for details. pexecname Returns the execname of a target process's parent process See function::pexecname(3stap) for details. gid Returns the group ID of a target process See function::gid(3stap) for details. egid Returns the effective gid of a target process See function::egid(3stap) for details. uid Returns the user ID of a target process See function::uid(3stap) for details. euid Return the effective uid of a target process See function::euid(3stap) for details. is_myproc Determines if the current probe point has occurred in the user's own process See function::is_myproc(3stap) for details. cpuid Returns the current cpu number See function::cpuid(3stap) for details. cpu Returns the current cpu number See function::cpu(3stap) for details. registers_valid Determines validity of register() and u_register() in current context See function::registers_valid(3stap) for details. user_mode Determines if probe point occurs in user-mode See function::user_mode(3stap) for details. is_return Whether the current probe context is a return probe See function::is_return(3stap) for details. target Return the process ID of the target process See function::target(3stap) for details. module_name The module name of the current script See function::module_name(3stap) for details. stp_pid The process id of the stapio process See function::stp_pid(3stap) for details. remote_id The index of this instance in a remote execution. See function::remote_id(3stap) for details. remote_uri The name of this instance in a remote execution. See function::remote_uri(3stap) for details. stack_size Return the size of the kernel stack See function::stack_size(3stap) for details. stack_used Returns the amount of kernel stack used See function::stack_used(3stap) for details. stack_unused Returns the amount of kernel stack currently available See function::stack_unused(3stap) for details. addr Address of the current probe point. See function::addr(3stap) for details. uaddr User space address of current running task See function::uaddr(3stap) for details. cmdline_args Fetch command line arguments from current process See function::cmdline_args(3stap) for details. cmdline_arg Fetch a command line argument See function::cmdline_arg(3stap) for details. cmdline_str Fetch all command line arguments from current process See function::cmdline_str(3stap) for details. SEE ALSO
function::print_regs(3stap), function::pp(3stap), function::ppfunc(3stap), function::probe_type(3stap), function::execname(3stap), function::pid(3stap), function::tid(3stap), function::ppid(3stap), function::pgrp(3stap), function::sid(3stap), function::pexecname(3stap), function::gid(3stap), function::egid(3stap), function::uid(3stap), function::euid(3stap), function::is_myproc(3stap), function::cpuid(3stap), function::cpu(3stap), function::registers_valid(3stap), function::user_mode(3stap), function::is_return(3stap), function::target(3stap), function::module_name(3stap), function::stp_pid(3stap), function::remote_id(3stap), function::remote_uri(3stap), function::stack_size(3stap), function::stack_used(3stap), function::stack_unused(3stap), function::addr(3stap), function::uaddr(3stap), function::cmdline_args(3stap), function::cmdline_arg(3stap), function::cmdline_str(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap) IBM
--- tapset::context(3stap)
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