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QAccessible(3qt)														  QAccessible(3qt)

QAccessible - Enums and static functions relating to accessibility SYNOPSIS
#include <qaccessible.h> Inherited by QAccessibleInterface. Public Members enum Event { SoundPlayed = 0x0001, Alert = 0x0002, ForegroundChanged = 0x0003, MenuStart = 0x0004, MenuEnd = 0x0005, PopupMenuStart = 0x0006, PopupMenuEnd = 0x0007, ContextHelpStart = 0x000C, ContextHelpEnd = 0x000D, DragDropStart = 0x000E, DragDropEnd = 0x000F, DialogStart = 0x0010, DialogEnd = 0x0011, ScrollingStart = 0x0012, ScrollingEnd = 0x0013, MenuCommand = 0x0018, ObjectCreated = 0x8000, ObjectDestroyed = 0x8001, ObjectShow = 0x8002, ObjectHide = 0x8003, ObjectReorder = 0x8004, Focus = 0x8005, Selection = 0x8006, SelectionAdd = 0x8007, SelectionRemove = 0x8008, SelectionWithin = 0x8009, StateChanged = 0x800A, LocationChanged = 0x800B, NameChanged = 0x800C, DescriptionChanged = 0x800D, ValueChanged = 0x800E, ParentChanged = 0x800F, HelpChanged = 0x80A0, DefaultActionChanged = 0x80B0, AcceleratorChanged = 0x80C0 } enum State { Normal = 0x00000000, Unavailable = 0x00000001, Selected = 0x00000002, Focused = 0x00000004, Pressed = 0x00000008, Checked = 0x00000010, Mixed = 0x00000020, ReadOnly = 0x00000040, HotTracked = 0x00000080, Default = 0x00000100, Expanded = 0x00000200, Collapsed = 0x00000400, Busy = 0x00000800, Floating = 0x00001000, Marqueed = 0x00002000, Animated = 0x00004000, Invisible = 0x00008000, Offscreen = 0x00010000, Sizeable = 0x00020000, Moveable = 0x00040000, SelfVoicing = 0x00080000, Focusable = 0x00100000, Selectable = 0x00200000, Linked = 0x00400000, Traversed = 0x00800000, MultiSelectable = 0x01000000, ExtSelectable = 0x02000000, AlertLow = 0x04000000, AlertMedium = 0x08000000, AlertHigh = 0x10000000, Protected = 0x20000000, Valid = 0x3fffffff } enum Role { NoRole = 0x00000000, TitleBar = 0x00000001, MenuBar = 0x00000002, ScrollBar = 0x00000003, Grip = 0x00000004, Sound = 0x00000005, Cursor = 0x00000006, Caret = 0x00000007, AlertMessage = 0x00000008, Window = 0x00000009, Client = 0x0000000A, PopupMenu = 0x0000000B, MenuItem = 0x0000000C, ToolTip = 0x0000000D, Application = 0x0000000E, Document = 0x0000000F, Pane = 0x00000010, Chart = 0x00000011, Dialog = 0x00000012, Border = 0x00000013, Grouping = 0x00000014, Separator = 0x00000015, ToolBar = 0x00000016, StatusBar = 0x00000017, Table = 0x00000018, ColumnHeader = 0x00000019, RowHeader = 0x0000001A, Column = 0x0000001B, Row = 0x0000001C, Cell = 0x0000001D, Link = 0x0000001E, HelpBalloon = 0x0000001F, Character = 0x00000020, List = 0x00000021, ListItem = 0x00000022, Outline = 0x00000023, OutlineItem = 0x00000024, PageTab = 0x00000025, PropertyPage = 0x00000026, Indicator = 0x00000027, Graphic = 0x00000028, StaticText = 0x00000029, EditableText = 0x0000002A, PushButton = 0x0000002B, CheckBox = 0x0000002C, RadioButton = 0x0000002D, ComboBox = 0x0000002E, DropLest = 0x0000002F, ProgressBar = 0x00000030, Dial = 0x00000031, HotkeyField = 0x00000032, Slider = 0x00000033, SpinBox = 0x00000034, Diagram = 0x00000035, Animation = 0x00000036, Equation = 0x00000037, ButtonDropDown = 0x00000038, ButtonMenu = 0x00000039, ButtonDropGrid = 0x0000003A, Whitespace = 0x0000003B, PageTabList = 0x0000003C, Clock = 0x0000003D } enum NavDirection { NavUp = 0x00000001, NavDown = 0x00000002, NavLeft = 0x00000003, NavRight = 0x00000004, NavNext = 0x00000005, NavPrevious = 0x00000006, NavFirstChild = 0x00000007, NavLastChild = 0x00000008, NavFocusChild = 0x00000009 } enum Text { Name = 0, Description, Value, Help, Accelerator, DefaultAction } Static Public Members QRESULT queryAccessibleInterface ( QObject * object, QAccessibleInterface ** iface ) void updateAccessibility ( QObject * object, int control, Event reason ) bool isActive () DESCRIPTION
The QAccessible class provides enums and static functions relating to accessibility. Accessibility clients use implementations of the QAccessibleInterface to read the information an accessible object exposes, or to call functions to manipulate the accessible object. See the plugin documentation for more details about how to redistribute Qt plugins. See also Miscellaneous Classes. Member Type Documentation QAccessible::Event This enum type defines event types when the state of the accessible object has changed. The event types are: QAccessible::SoundPlayed QAccessible::Alert QAccessible::ForegroundChanged QAccessible::MenuStart QAccessible::MenuEnd QAccessible::PopupMenuStart QAccessible::PopupMenuEnd QAccessible::ContextHelpStart QAccessible::ContextHelpEnd QAccessible::DragDropStart QAccessible::DragDropEnd QAccessible::DialogStart QAccessible::DialogEnd QAccessible::ScrollingStart QAccessible::ScrollingEnd QAccessible::ObjectCreated QAccessible::ObjectDestroyed QAccessible::ObjectShow QAccessible::ObjectHide QAccessible::ObjectReorder QAccessible::Focus QAccessible::Selection QAccessible::SelectionAdd QAccessible::SelectionRemove QAccessible::SelectionWithin QAccessible::StateChanged QAccessible::LocationChanged QAccessible::NameChanged QAccessible::DescriptionChanged QAccessible::ValueChanged QAccessible::ParentChanged QAccessible::HelpChanged QAccessible::DefaultActionChanged QAccessible::AcceleratorChanged QAccessible::MenuCommand QAccessible::NavDirection This enum specifies which item to move to when navigating. QAccessible::NavUp - sibling above QAccessible::NavDown - sibling below QAccessible::NavLeft - left sibling QAccessible::NavRight - right sibling QAccessible::NavNext - next sibling QAccessible::NavPrevious - previous sibling QAccessible::NavFirstChild - first child QAccessible::NavLastChild - last child QAccessible::NavFocusChild - child with focus QAccessible::Role This enum defines a number of roles an accessible object can have. The roles are: QAccessible::NoRole QAccessible::TitleBar QAccessible::MenuBar QAccessible::ScrollBar QAccessible::Grip QAccessible::Sound QAccessible::Cursor QAccessible::Caret QAccessible::AlertMessage QAccessible::Window QAccessible::Client QAccessible::PopupMenu QAccessible::MenuItem QAccessible::ToolTip QAccessible::Application QAccessible::Document QAccessible::Pane QAccessible::Chart QAccessible::Dialog QAccessible::Border QAccessible::Grouping QAccessible::Separator QAccessible::ToolBar QAccessible::StatusBar QAccessible::Table QAccessible::ColumnHeader QAccessible::RowHeader QAccessible::Column QAccessible::Row QAccessible::Cell QAccessible::Link QAccessible::HelpBalloon QAccessible::Character QAccessible::List QAccessible::ListItem QAccessible::Outline QAccessible::OutlineItem QAccessible::PageTab QAccessible::PropertyPage QAccessible::Indicator QAccessible::Graphic QAccessible::StaticText QAccessible::EditableText QAccessible::PushButton QAccessible::CheckBox QAccessible::RadioButton QAccessible::ComboBox QAccessible::DropLest QAccessible::ProgressBar QAccessible::Dial QAccessible::HotkeyField QAccessible::Slider QAccessible::SpinBox QAccessible::Diagram QAccessible::Animation QAccessible::Equation QAccessible::ButtonDropDown QAccessible::ButtonMenu QAccessible::ButtonDropGrid QAccessible::Whitespace QAccessible::PageTabList QAccessible::Clock QAccessible::State This enum type defines bitflags that can be combined to indicate the state of the accessible object. The values are: QAccessible::Normal QAccessible::Unavailable QAccessible::Selected QAccessible::Focused QAccessible::Pressed QAccessible::Checked QAccessible::Mixed QAccessible::ReadOnly QAccessible::HotTracked QAccessible::Default QAccessible::Expanded QAccessible::Collapsed QAccessible::Busy QAccessible::Floating QAccessible::Marqueed QAccessible::Animated QAccessible::Invisible QAccessible::Offscreen QAccessible::Sizeable QAccessible::Moveable QAccessible::SelfVoicing QAccessible::Focusable QAccessible::Selectable QAccessible::Linked QAccessible::Traversed QAccessible::MultiSelectable QAccessible::ExtSelectable QAccessible::AlertLow QAccessible::AlertMedium QAccessible::AlertHigh QAccessible::Protected QAccessible::Valid QAccessible::Text This enum specifies string information that an accessible object returns. QAccessible::Name - The name of the object QAccessible::Description - A short text describing the object QAccessible::Value - The value of the object QAccessible::Help - A longer text giving information about how to use the object QAccessible::DefaultAction - The default method to interact with the object QAccessible::Accelerator - The keyboard shortcut that executes the default action MEMBER FUNCTION DOCUMENTATION
bool QAccessible::isActive () [static] Returns TRUE if an accessibility implementation has been requested, during the runtime of the application, otherwise returns FALSE. Use this function to prevent potentially expensive notifications via updateAccessibility(). QRESULT QAccessible::queryAccessibleInterface ( QObject * object, QAccessibleInterface ** iface ) [static] Sets iface to point to the implementation of the QAccessibleInterface for object, and returns QS_OK if successfull, or sets iface to 0 and returns QE_NOCOMPONENT if no accessibility implementation for object exists. The function uses the classname of object to find a suitable implementation. If no implementation for the object's class is available the function tries to find an implementation for the object's parent class. This function is called to answer an accessibility client's request for object information. You should never need to call this function yourself. void QAccessible::updateAccessibility ( QObject * object, int control, Event reason ) [static] Notifies accessibility clients about a change in object's accessibility information. reason specifies the cause of the change, for example, ValueChange when the position of a slider has been changed. control is the ID of the child element that has changed. When control is 0, the object itself has changed. Call this function whenever the state of your accessible object or one of it's sub-elements has been changed either programmatically (e.g. by calling QLabel::setText()) or by user interaction. If there are no accessibility tools listening to this event, the performance penalty for calling this function is minor, but if determining the parameters of the call is expensive you can use isActive() to avoid unnecessary performance penalties if no client is listening. SEE ALSO COPYRIGHT
Copyright 1992-2007 Trolltech ASA, See the license file included in the distribution for a complete license statement. AUTHOR
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