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subs(3pm)						 Perl Programmers Reference Guide						 subs(3pm)

subs - Perl pragma to predeclare sub names SYNOPSIS
use subs qw(frob); frob 3..10; DESCRIPTION
This will predeclare all the subroutine whose names are in the list, allowing you to use them without parentheses even before they're declared. Unlike pragmas that affect the $^H hints variable, the "use vars" and "use subs" declarations are not BLOCK-scoped. They are thus effective for the entire package in which they appear. You may not rescind such declarations with "no vars" or "no subs". See "Pragmatic Modules" in perlmodlib and "strict subs" in strict. perl v5.16.3 2013-03-04 subs(3pm)

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strict(3pm)						 Perl Programmers Reference Guide					       strict(3pm)

strict - Perl pragma to restrict unsafe constructs SYNOPSIS
use strict; use strict "vars"; use strict "refs"; use strict "subs"; use strict; no strict "vars"; DESCRIPTION
If no import list is supplied, all possible restrictions are assumed. (This is the safest mode to operate in, but is sometimes too strict for casual programming.) Currently, there are three possible things to be strict about: "subs", "vars", and "refs". "strict refs" This generates a runtime error if you use symbolic references (see perlref). use strict 'refs'; $ref = $foo; print $$ref; # ok $ref = "foo"; print $$ref; # runtime error; normally ok $file = "STDOUT"; print $file "Hi!"; # error; note: no comma after $file There is one exception to this rule: $bar = &{'foo'}; &$bar; is allowed so that "goto &$AUTOLOAD" would not break under stricture. "strict vars" This generates a compile-time error if you access a variable that wasn't declared via "our" or "use vars", localized via "my()", or wasn't fully qualified. Because this is to avoid variable suicide problems and subtle dynamic scoping issues, a merely local() vari- able isn't good enough. See "my" in perlfunc and "local" in perlfunc. use strict 'vars'; $X::foo = 1; # ok, fully qualified my $foo = 10; # ok, my() var local $foo = 9; # blows up package Cinna; our $bar; # Declares $bar in current package $bar = 'HgS'; # ok, global declared via pragma The local() generated a compile-time error because you just touched a global name without fully qualifying it. Because of their special use by sort(), the variables $a and $b are exempted from this check. "strict subs" This disables the poetry optimization, generating a compile-time error if you try to use a bareword identifier that's not a subrou- tine, unless it appears in curly braces or on the left hand side of the "=>" symbol. use strict 'subs'; $SIG{PIPE} = Plumber; # blows up $SIG{PIPE} = "Plumber"; # just fine: bareword in curlies always ok $SIG{PIPE} = &Plumber; # preferred form See "Pragmatic Modules" in perlmodlib. perl v5.8.0 2002-06-01 strict(3pm)
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