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overloading(3pm)					 Perl Programmers Reference Guide					  overloading(3pm)

overloading - perl pragma to lexically control overloading SYNOPSIS
{ no overloading; my $str = "$object"; # doesn't call stringification overload } # it's lexical, so this stringifies: warn "$object"; # it can be enabled per op no overloading qw(""); warn "$object"; # and also reenabled use overloading; DESCRIPTION
This pragma allows you to lexically disable or enable overloading. "no overloading" Disables overloading entirely in the current lexical scope. "no overloading @ops" Disables only specific overloads in the current lexical scope. "use overloading" Reenables overloading in the current lexical scope. "use overloading @ops" Reenables overloading only for specific ops in the current lexical scope. perl v5.16.3 2013-03-04 overloading(3pm)

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XML::LibXML::AttributeHash(3pm) 			User Contributed Perl Documentation			   XML::LibXML::AttributeHash(3pm)

XML::LibXML::AttributeHash - tie an XML::LibXML::Element to a hash to access its attributes SYNOPSIS
tie my %hash, 'XML::LibXML::AttributeHash', $element; $hash{'href'} = ''; print $element->getAttribute('href') . " "; DESCRIPTION
This class allows an element's attributes to be accessed as if they were a plain old Perl hash. Attribute names become hash keys. Namespaced attributes are keyed using Clark notation. my $XLINK = ''; tie my %hash, 'XML::LibXML::AttributeHash', $element; $hash{"{$XLINK}href"} = 'http://localhost/'; print $element->getAttributeNS($XLINK, 'href') . " "; There is rarely any need to use XML::LibXML::AttributeHash directly. In general, it is possible to take advantage of XML::LibXML::Element's overloading. The example in the SYNOPSIS could have been written: $element->{'href'} = ''; print $element->getAttribute('href') . " "; The tie interface allows the passing of additional arguments to XML::LibXML::AttributeHash: tie my %hash, 'XML::LibXML::AttributeHash', $element, %args; Currently only one argument is supported, the boolean "weaken" which (if true) indicates that the tied object's reference to the element should be a weak reference. This is used by XML::LibXML::Element's overloading. The "weaken" argument is ignored if you don't have a working Scalar::Util::weaken. perl v5.14.2 2012-06-20 XML::LibXML::AttributeHash(3pm)
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