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exists(3alleg4) [centos man page]

exists(3alleg4) 						  Allegro manual						   exists(3alleg4)

exists - Shortcut version of file_exists() for normal files. Allegro game programming library. SYNOPSIS
#include <allegro.h> int exists(const char *filename); DESCRIPTION
Shortcut version of file_exists(), which checks for normal files, which may have the archive or read-only bits set, but are not hidden, directories, system files, etc. RETURN VALUE
Returns non-zero if the file exists, or zero if it doesn't. SEE ALSO
file_exists(3alleg4), file_size_ex(3alleg4), file_time(3alleg4) Allegro version 4.4.2 exists(3alleg4)

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exmidi(3alleg4) 						  Allegro manual						   exmidi(3alleg4)

exmidi - Playing MIDI music. Allegro game programming library. SYNOPSIS
#include <allegro.h> Example exmidi DESCRIPTION
This program demonstrates how to play MIDI files. SEE ALSO
END_OF_MAIN(3alleg4), MIDI(3alleg4), SCREEN_H(3alleg4), SCREEN_W(3alleg4), allegro_error(3alleg4), allegro_init(3alleg4), allegro_mes- sage(3alleg4), clear_to_color(3alleg4), desktop_palette(3alleg4), destroy_midi(3alleg4), font(3alleg4), get_filename(3alleg4), get_midi_length(3alleg4), install_keyboard(3alleg4), install_sound(3alleg4), install_timer(3alleg4), key(3alleg4), keypressed(3alleg4), load_midi(3alleg4), makecol(3alleg4), midi_pause(3alleg4), midi_pos(3alleg4), midi_resume(3alleg4), midi_time(3alleg4), play_midi(3alleg4), readkey(3alleg4), rectfill(3alleg4), rest(3alleg4), screen(3alleg4), set_display_switch_mode(3alleg4), set_gfx_mode(3alleg4), set_pal- ette(3alleg4), text_height(3alleg4), text_length(3alleg4), textprintf_centre_ex(3alleg4) Allegro version 4.4.2 exmidi(3alleg4)
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