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tk::optionmenu(3) [centos man page]

Optionmenu(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					     Optionmenu(3)

Tk::Optionmenu - Let the user select one of some predefined options values SYNOPSIS
use Tk::Optionmenu; $opt = $w->Optionmenu( -options => REFERENCE_to_OPTIONLIST, -command => CALLBACK, -variable => SCALAR_REF, ); $opt->addOptions( OPTIONLIST ); # OPTION LIST is # a) $val1, $val2, $val3,... # b) [ $lab1=>$val1], [$lab2=>val2], ... ] # c) combination of a) and b), e.g., # val1, [$lab2=>val2], val3, val4, [...], ... DESCRIPTION
The Optionmenu widget allows the user chose between a given set of options. If the user should be able to change the available option have a look at Tk::BrowseEntry. OPTIONS
-options (Re)sets the list of options presented. -command Defines the callback that is invokes when a new option is selected. -variable Reference to a scalar that contains the current value of the selected option. -textvariable Reference to a scalar that contains the text label of the current value of the selected option. METHODS
addOptions Adds OPTION_LIST to the already available options. EXAMPLE
use Tk; my $mw = MainWindow->new(); my ($var, $tvar); my $opt = $mw->Optionmenu( -options => [[jan=>1], [feb=>2], [mar=>3], [apr=>4]], -command => sub { print "got: ", shift, " " }, -variable => $var, -textvariable => $tvar )->pack; $opt->addOptions([may=>5],[jun=>6],[jul=>7],[aug=>8]); my $f = $mw->Frame(-relief=>'groove', -borderwidth => 2)->pack; $f->Label(-textvariable=>$tvar)->pack(-side => 'left'); $f->Label(-text => " -> ")->pack(-side => 'left'); $f->Label(-textvariable=>$var)->pack(-side => 'left'); $mw->Button(-text=>'Exit', -command=>sub{$mw->destroy})->pack; MainLoop; SEE ALSO
Tk::Menubutton, Tk::BrowseEntry perl v5.16.3 2014-06-10 Optionmenu(3)

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LabFrame(3pm)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					     LabFrame(3pm)

Tk::LabFrame - labeled frame. SYNOPSIS
use Tk::LabFrame; $f = $parent->LabFrame(?-label=>text, -labelside=>where, ...?); DESCRIPTION
LabFrame is exactly like Frame and additionaly allows to add a label to the frame. WIDGET-OPTIONS LabFrame supports the same options as the Frame widget. Additional options of LabFrame are: -font => font Specifies the label's font -foreground => color Specifies the label's foreground color -label => text The text of the label to be placed with the Frame. -labelside => where Where can be one of left, right, top, bottom or acrosstop. The first four work as might be expected and place the label to the left, right, above or below the frame respectively. The acrosstop creates a grooved frame around the central frame and puts the label near the northwest corner such that it appears to "overwrite" the groove. -labelvariable => scalar_ref Specifies a reference to a variable and used as an alternative to -label. If the value of the variable changes, then the widget will be updated automatically to reflect the change. Used like -textvariable. ADVERTISED SUBWIDGETS
See "Subwidget" in Tk::mega how to use advertised widgets. border Frame used to display the border frame Frame used to create new LabFrame children. label Label used for displaying text EXAMPLE
Run the following test program to see this in action: use strict; use Tk; require Tk::LabFrame; require Tk::LabEntry; my $test = 'Test this'; my $mw = Tk::MainWindow->new; my $f = $mw->LabFrame(-label => "This is a label", -labelside => "acrosstop"); $f->LabEntry(-label => "Testing", -textvariable => $test)->pack; $f->pack; Tk::MainLoop; BUGS
Perhaps LabFrame should be subsumed within the generic pTk labeled widget mechanism. AUTHOR
Rajappa Iyer This code is derived from LabFrame.tcl and LabWidg.tcl in the Tix4.0 distribution by Ioi Lam. The code may be redistributed under the same terms as Perl. perl v5.14.2 2010-05-29 LabFrame(3pm)

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