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std::once_flag(3) [centos man page]

std::once_flag(3)					     Library Functions Manual						 std::once_flag(3)

std::once_flag - SYNOPSIS
Public Member Functions constexpr once_flag () noexcept=default once_flag (const once_flag &)=delete once_flag & operator= (const once_flag &)=delete Friends template<typename _Callable , typename... _Args> void call_once (once_flag &__once, _Callable &&__f, _Args &&...__args) Detailed Description once_flag Definition at line 726 of file mutex. Constructor &; Destructor Documentation constexpr std::once_flag::once_flag () [default], [noexcept] Constructor. std::once_flag::once_flag (const once_flag &) [delete] Deleted copy constructor. Member Function Documentation once_flag& std::once_flag::operator= (const once_flag &) [delete] Deleted assignment operator. Friends And Related Function Documentation template<typename _Callable , typename... _Args> void call_once (once_flag &__once, _Callable &&__f, _Args &&...__args) [friend] call_once Definition at line 771 of file mutex. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libstdc++ from the source code. libstdc++ Tue Jun 10 2014 std::once_flag(3)

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std::future< _Res >(3cxx)												 std::future< _Res >(3cxx)

std::future< _Res > - SYNOPSIS
Inherits std::__basic_future< _Res >. Public Member Functions future (future &&__uf) future (const future &) _Res get () future & operator= (const future &) future & operator= (future &&__fut) bool valid () const void wait () const template<typename _Rep , typename _Period > bool wait_for (const chrono::duration< _Rep, _Period > &__rel) const template<typename _Clock , typename _Duration > bool wait_until (const chrono::time_point< _Clock, _Duration > &__abs) const Static Public Member Functions template<typename _Res , typename _Allocator > static _Ptr< _Result_alloc < _Res, _Allocator > >::type _S_allocate_result (const _Allocator &__a)" Protected Types typedef __future_base::_Result < _Res > & __result_type" Protected Member Functions __result_type _M_get_result () void _M_swap (__basic_future &__that) Friends template<typename _Fn , typename... _Args> future< typename result_of < _Fn(_Args...)>::type > async (launch, _Fn &&, _Args &&...)" class packaged_task class promise< _Res > Detailed Description template<typename _Res>class std::future< _Res > Primary template for future. Definition at line 592 of file future. Constructor &; Destructor Documentation template<typename _Res > std::future< _Res >::future (future< _Res > &&__uf) [inline] Move constructor. Definition at line 610 of file future. Member Function Documentation template<typename _Res> __result_type std::__basic_future< _Res >::_M_get_result () [inline], [protected], [inherited] Wait for the state to be ready and rethrow any stored exception. Definition at line 545 of file future. Referenced by std::future< _Res >::get(), std::future< void >::get(), and std::shared_future< _Res >::get(). template<typename _Res > _Res std::future< _Res >::get () [inline] Retrieving the value. Definition at line 624 of file future. References std::__basic_future< _Res >::_M_get_result(). Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libstdc++ from the source code. libstdc++ Tue Nov 27 2012 std::future< _Res >(3cxx)
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