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std::is_pointer(3) [centos man page]

std::is_pointer< _Tp >(3)				     Library Functions Manual					 std::is_pointer< _Tp >(3)

std::is_pointer< _Tp > - SYNOPSIS
Inherits std::integral_constant< bool,(__is_pointer_helper< remove_cv< _Tp >::type >::value)>. Public Types typedef integral_constant < bool, __v > type" typedef bool value_type Public Member Functions constexpr operator value_type () Static Public Attributes static constexpr bool value Detailed Description template<typename _Tp>struct std::is_pointer< _Tp > is_pointer Definition at line 303 of file type_traits. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libstdc++ from the source code. libstdc++ Tue Jun 10 2014 std::is_pointer< _Tp >(3)

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std::complex< _Tp >(3)					     Library Functions Manual					    std::complex< _Tp >(3)

std::complex< _Tp > - SYNOPSIS
Public Types typedef _Tp value_type Public Member Functions constexpr complex (const _Tp &__r=_Tp(), const _Tp &__i=_Tp()) template<typename _Up > constexpr complex (const complex< _Up > &__z) constexpr complex __rep () const _GLIBCXX_ABI_TAG_CXX11 constexpr _Tp imag ()" void imag (_Tp __val) complex< _Tp > & operator*= (const _Tp &) template<typename _Up > complex< _Tp > & operator*= (const complex< _Up > &) complex< _Tp > & operator+= (const _Tp &__t) template<typename _Up > complex< _Tp > & operator+= (const complex< _Up > &) complex< _Tp > & operator-= (const _Tp &__t) template<typename _Up > complex< _Tp > & operator-= (const complex< _Up > &) complex< _Tp > & operator/= (const _Tp &) template<typename _Up > complex< _Tp > & operator/= (const complex< _Up > &) complex< _Tp > & operator= (const _Tp &) template<typename _Up > complex< _Tp > & operator= (const complex< _Up > &) _GLIBCXX_ABI_TAG_CXX11 constexpr _Tp real ()" void real (_Tp __val) Detailed Description template<typename _Tp>struct std::complex< _Tp > Template to represent complex numbers. Specializations for float, double, and long double are part of the library. Results with any other type are not guaranteed. Parameters: Tp Type of real and imaginary values. Definition at line 63 of file complex. Member Typedef Documentation template<typename _Tp> typedef _Tp std::complex< _Tp >::value_type Value typedef. Definition at line 128 of file complex. Constructor &; Destructor Documentation template<typename _Tp> constexpr std::complex< _Tp >::complex (const _Tp &__r = _Tp(), const _Tp &__i = _Tp()) [inline] Default constructor. First parameter is x, second parameter is y. Unspecified parameters default to 0. Definition at line 132 of file complex. template<typename _Tp> template<typename _Up > constexpr std::complex< _Tp >::complex (const complex< _Up > &__z) [inline] Copy constructor. Definition at line 139 of file complex. Member Function Documentation template<typename _Tp> complex<_Tp>& std::complex< _Tp >::operator+= (const _Tp &__t) [inline] Add t to this complex number. Definition at line 184 of file complex. template<typename _Tp> complex<_Tp>& std::complex< _Tp >::operator-= (const _Tp &__t) [inline] Subtract t from this complex number. Definition at line 193 of file complex. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libstdc++ from the source code. libstdc++ Tue Jun 10 2014 std::complex< _Tp >(3)
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