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Scanf.Scanning(3)			  OCaml library 			Scanf.Scanning(3)

       Scanf.Scanning - no description

       Module	Scanf.Scanning

       Module Scanning
	: sig end

       type in_channel

       The notion of input channel for the Scanf module: those channels provide all the machinery
       necessary to read from a given Pervasives.in_channel value.   A	Scanf.Scanning.in_channel
       value  is  also	called	a formatted input channel or equivalently a scanning buffer.  The
       type scanbuf below is an alias for in_channel .

       Since 3.12.0

       type scanbuf = in_channel

       The type of scanning buffers. A scanning buffer is the source from which a formatted input
       function  gets characters. The scanning buffer holds the current state of the scan, plus a
       function to get the next char from the input, and a  token  buffer  to  store  the  string
       matched so far.

       Note:  a  scanning action may often require to examine one character in advance; when this
       ``lookahead'' character does not belong to the token read, it is stored back in the  scan-
       ning buffer and becomes the next character yet to be read.

       val stdin : in_channel

       The  standard  input  notion  for the Scanf module.  Scanning.stdin is the formatted input
       channel attached to Pervasives.stdin .

       Note: in the interactive system, when input is read from stdin  ,  the  newline	character
       that  triggers  the evaluation is incorporated in the input; thus, the scanning specifica-
       tions must properly skip this additional newline character (for	instance,  simply  add	a
       '\n' as the last character of the format string).

       Since 3.12.0

       type file_name = string

       A convenient alias to designate a file name.

       Since 4.00.0

       val open_in : file_name -> in_channel

       Scanning.open_in  fname	returns  a formatted input channel for bufferized reading in text
       mode of file fname .

       Note: open_in returns a formatted input channel that efficiently reads characters in large
       chunks;	in  contrast,  from_channel below returns formatted input channels that must read
       one character at a time, leading to a much slower scanning rate.

       Since 3.12.0

       val open_in_bin : file_name -> in_channel

       Scanning.open_in_bin fname returns a formatted input channel  for  bufferized  reading  in
       binary mode of file fname .

       Since 3.12.0

       val close_in : in_channel -> unit

       Closes  the  Pervasives.in_channel associated with the given Scanning.in_channel formatted
       input channel.

       Since 3.12.0

       val from_file : file_name -> in_channel

       An alias for open_in above.

       val from_file_bin : string -> in_channel

       An alias for open_in_bin above.

       val from_string : string -> in_channel

       Scanning.from_string s returns a formatted  input  channel  which  reads  from  the  given
       string.	 Reading  starts from the first character in the string.  The end-of-input condi-
       tion is set when the end of the string is reached.

       val from_function : (unit -> char) -> in_channel

       Scanning.from_function f returns a formatted input channel with the given function as  its
       reading method.

       When scanning needs one more character, the given function is called.

       When  the function has no more character to provide, it must signal an end-of-input condi-
       tion by raising the exception End_of_file .

       val from_channel : Pervasives.in_channel -> in_channel

       Scanning.from_channel ic returns a formatted input channel which reads  from  the  regular
       input channel ic argument, starting at the current reading position.

       val end_of_input : in_channel -> bool

       Scanning.end_of_input  ic  tests  the  end-of-input condition of the given formatted input

       val beginning_of_input : in_channel -> bool

       Scanning.beginning_of_input ic tests the beginning of input condition of the given format-
       ted input channel.

       val name_of_input : in_channel -> string

       Scanning.name_of_input ic returns the name of the character source for the formatted input
       channel ic .

       Since 3.09.0

       val stdib : in_channel

       A deprecated alias for Scanning.stdin , the scanning buffer reading from  Pervasives.stdin

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