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Random.State(3) 			  OCaml library 			  Random.State(3)

       Random.State - no description

       Module	Random.State

       Module State
	: sig end

       type t

       The type of PRNG states.

       val make : int array -> t

       Create a new state and initialize it with the given seed.

       val make_self_init : unit -> t

       Create a new state and initialize it with a system-dependent low-entropy seed.

       val copy : t -> t

       Return a copy of the given state.

       val bits : t -> int

       val int : t -> int -> int

       val int32 : t -> Int32.t -> Int32.t

       val nativeint : t -> Nativeint.t -> Nativeint.t

       val int64 : t -> Int64.t -> Int64.t

       val float : t -> float -> float

       val bool : t -> bool

       These functions are the same as the basic functions, except that they use (and update) the
       given PRNG state instead of the default one.

OCamldoc				    2014-06-09				  Random.State(3)
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