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       Perl::Critic::Policy::RegularExpressions::RequireBracesForMultiline - Use "{" and "}" to
       delimit multi-line regexps.

       This Policy is part of the core Perl::Critic distribution.

       Long regular expressions are hard to read.  A good practice is to use the "x" modifier and
       break the regex into multiple lines with comments explaining the parts.	But, with the
       usual "//" delimiters, the beginning and end can be hard to match, especially in a "s///"
       regexp.	Instead, try using "{}" characters to delimit your expressions.

       Compare these:

	      <a \s+ href="([^"]+)">
	    /link=$1, text=$2/xms;


	      <a \s+ href="([^"]+)">
	    {link=$1, text=$2}xms;

       Is that an improvement?	Marginally, but yes.  The curly braces lead the eye better.

       There is one option for this policy, "allow_all_brackets".  If this is true, then, in
       addition to allowing "{}", the other matched pairs of "()", "[]", and "<>" are allowed.

       Initial development of this policy was supported by a grant from the Perl Foundation.

       Chris Dolan <cdolan@cpan.org>

       Copyright (c) 2007-2011 Chris Dolan.  Many rights reserved.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.  The full text of this license can be found in the LICENSE file
       included with this module

perl v5.16.3		   Perl::Critic::Policy::RegularExpressions::RequireBracesForMultiline(3)
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