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papi_is_initialized(3) [centos man page]

PAPI_is_initialized(3)						       PAPI						    PAPI_is_initialized(3)

PAPI_is_initialized - check for initialization SYNOPSIS
Detailed Description @retval PAPI_NOT_INITED Library has not been initialized @retval PAPI_LOW_LEVEL_INITED Low level has called library init @retval PAPI_HIGH_LEVEL_INITED High level has called library init @retval PAPI_THREAD_LEVEL_INITED Threads have been inited @param version upon initialization, PAPI checks the argument against the internal value of PAPI_VER_CURRENT when the library was compiled. This guards against portability problems when updating the PAPI shared libraries on your system. @par Examples: int retval; retval = PAPI_library_init(PAPI_VER_CURRENT); if (retval != PAPI_VER_CURRENT && retval > 0) { fprintf(stderr,"PAPI library version mismatch! "); exit(1); } if (retval < 0) handle_error(retval); retval = PAPI_is_initialized(); if (retval != PAPI_LOW_LEVEL_INITED) handle_error(retval); * PAPI_is_initialized() returns the status of the PAPI library. The PAPI library can be in one of four states, as described under RETURN VALUES. See Also: PAPI PAPI_thread_init Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for PAPI from the source code. Version Tue Jun 17 2014 PAPI_is_initialized(3)

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PAPI_query_named_event(3)					       PAPI						 PAPI_query_named_event(3)

PAPI_query_named_event - Query if a named PAPI event exists. SYNOPSIS
Detailed Description C Interface: #include <papi.h> int PAPI_query_named_event(char *EventName); PAPI_query_named_event() asks the PAPI library if the PAPI named event can be counted on this architecture. If the event CAN be counted, the function returns PAPI_OK. If the event CANNOT be counted, the function returns an error code. This function also can be used to check the syntax of native and user events. Parameters: EventName -- a defined event such as PAPI_TOT_INS. Return values: PAPI_EINVAL One or more of the arguments is invalid. PAPI_ENOEVNT The PAPI preset is not available on the underlying hardware. Examples * int retval; * // Initialize the library * retval = PAPI_library_init(PAPI_VER_CURRENT); * if (retval != PAPI_VER_CURRENT) { * fprintf(stderr, * exit(1); * } * if (PAPI_query_named_event("PAPI_TOT_INS") != PAPI_OK) { * fprintf(stderr, * exit(1); * } * See Also: PAPI_query_event Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for PAPI from the source code. Version Tue Jun 17 2014 PAPI_query_named_event(3)
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