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ibv_close_xrcd(3) [centos man page]

IBV_OPEN_XRCD(3)					  Libibverbs Programmer's Manual					  IBV_OPEN_XRCD(3)

ibv_open_xrcd, ibv_close_xrcd - open or close an XRC protection domain (XRCDs) SYNOPSIS
#include <infiniband/verbs.h> struct ibv_xrcd *ibv_open_xrcd(struct ibv_context *context, struct ibv_xrcd_init_attr *xrcd_init_attr); int ibv_close_xrcd(struct ibv_xrcd *xrcd); DESCRIPTION
ibv_open_xrcd() open an XRC domain for the RDMA device context context xrcd_init_attr is an ibv_xrcd_init_attr struct, as defined in <infiniband/verbs.h>. struct ibv_xrcd_init_attr { uint32_t comp_mask; /* Identifies valid fields */ int fd; int oflag; fd is the file descriptor to associate with the XRCD. oflag describes the desired creation attributes. It is a bitwise OR of zero or more of the following flags: O_CREAT Indicates that an XRCD should be created and associated with the inode referenced by the given fd. If the XRCD exists, this flag has no effect except as noted under O_EXCL below. O_EXCL If O_EXCL and O_CREAT are set, open will fail if an XRCD associated with the inode exists. If fd equals -1, no inode is associated with the XRCD. To indicate that XRCD should be created, use oflag = O_CREAT. ibv_close_xrcd() closes the XRCD xrcd. If this is the last reference, the XRCD will be destroyed. RETURN VALUE
ibv_open_xrcd() returns a pointer to the opened XRCD, or NULL if the request fails. ibv_close_xrcd() returns 0 on success, or the value of errno on failure (which indicates the failure reason). NOTES
ibv_close_xrcd() may fail if any other resource is still associated with the XRCD being closed. SEE ALSO
ibv_create_srq_ex(3), ibv_create_qp_ex(3), AUTHORS
Sean Hefty <> libibverbs 2011-06-17 IBV_OPEN_XRCD(3)

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IBV_OPEN_QP(3)						  Libibverbs Programmer's Manual					    IBV_OPEN_QP(3)

ibv_open_qp - open a shareable queue pair (QP) SYNOPSIS
#include <infiniband/verbs.h> struct ibv_qp *ibv_open_qp(struct ibv_context *context, struct ibv_qp_open_attr *qp_open_attr); DESCRIPTION
ibv_open_qp() opens an existing queue pair (QP) associated with the extended protection domain xrcd. The argument qp_open_attr is an ibv_qp_open_attr struct, as defined in <infiniband/verbs.h>. struct ibv_qp_open_attr { uint32_t comp_mask; /* Identifies valid fields */ uint32_t qp_num; /* QP number */ struct *ibv_xrcd; /* XRC domain */ void *qp_context; /* User defined opaque value */ enum ibv_qp_type qp_type; /* QP transport service type */ ibv_destroy_qp() closes the opened QP and destroys the underlying QP if it has no other references. qp. RETURN VALUE
ibv_open_qp() returns a pointer to the opened QP, or NULL if the request fails. Check the QP number (qp_num) in the returned QP. NOTES
ibv_open_qp() will fail if a it is asked to open a QP that does not exist within the xrcd with the specified qp_num and qp_type. SEE ALSO
ibv_alloc_pd(3), ibv_create_qp(3), ibv_create_qp_ex(3), ibv_modify_qp(3), ibv_query_qp(3) AUTHORS
Sean Hefty <> libibverbs 2011-08-12 IBV_OPEN_QP(3)
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