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CentOS 7.0 - man page for hashtbl.hashedtype (centos section 3)

Hashtbl.HashedType(3)			  OCaml library 		    Hashtbl.HashedType(3)

       Hashtbl.HashedType - The input signature of the functor Hashtbl.Make.

Module type
       Module type   Hashtbl.HashedType

       Module type HashedType
	= sig end

       The input signature of the functor Hashtbl.Make .

       type t

       The type of the hashtable keys.

       val equal : t -> t -> bool

       The equality predicate used to compare keys.

       val hash : t -> int

       A  hashing function on keys. It must be such that if two keys are equal according to equal
       , then they have identical hash values as computed by hash .  Examples: suitable ( equal ,
       hash ) pairs for arbitrary key types include

       -	 (  (=)  , Hashtbl.hash ) for comparing objects by structure (provided objects do
       not contain floats)

       -	( (fun x y -> compare x y = 0) , Hashtbl.hash ) for comparing objects  by  struc-
       ture and handling Pervasives.nan correctly

       -	 (  (==)  ,  Hashtbl.hash  ) for comparing objects by physical equality (e.g. for
       mutable or cyclic objects).

OCamldoc				    2014-06-09			    Hashtbl.HashedType(3)

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