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glutsetcursor(3) [centos man page]

glutSetCursor -- Set the cursor image to be used for the current window LIBRARY
OpenGLUT - window SYNOPSIS
#include <openglut.h> void glutSetCursor(int cursorID); PARAMETERS
cursorID Name of desired cursor. DESCRIPTION
For the current window , sets the mouse-cursor to one of a set of predefined images. The GLUT symbolic constant IDs are: - GLUT_CURSOR_RIGHT_ARROW - GLUT_CURSOR_LEFT_ARROW - GLUT_CURSOR_INFO - GLUT_CURSOR_DESTROY - GLUT_CURSOR_HELP - GLUT_CURSOR_CYCLE - GLUT_CURSOR_SPRAY - GLUT_CURSOR_WAIT - GLUT_CURSOR_TEXT - GLUT_CURSOR_CROSSHAIR - GLUT_CURSOR_UP_DOWN - GLUT_CURSOR_LEFT_RIGHT - GLUT_CURSOR_TOP_SIDE - GLUT_CURSOR_BOTTOM_SIDE - GLUT_CURSOR_LEFT_SIDE - GLUT_CURSOR_RIGHT_SIDE - GLUT_CURSOR_TOP_LEFT_CORNER - GLUT_CURSOR_TOP_RIGHT_CORNER - GLUT_CURSOR_BOTTOM_RIGHT_CORNER - GLUT_CURSOR_BOTTOM_LEFT_CORNER Additionally, there are the following special cases: GLUT_CURSOR_FULL_CROSSHAIR This cursor, where supported, draws a crosshair the full width and height of the display. It may be mapped by OpenGLUT to the GLUT_CURSOR_CROSSHAIR, however. GLUT_CURSOR_NONE Turn the mouse cursor invisibile. GLUT_CURSOR_INHERIT Take the cursor that the parent window provides. CAVEATS
The X branch of OpenGLUT does not do thorough error checking. The X branch of OpenGLUT always converts FULL_CROSSHAIR to CROSSHAIR. This is acceptable, but if a host system supports a fullscreen crosshair, it would be nice to support that. Out of range cursorID values generate warnings. Has no visible effect if the current window is of type GLUT_OFFSCREEN . BUGS
Some cursorID values are not yet supported on WIN32. Epoch

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glutSetCursor(3GLUT)						       GLUT						      glutSetCursor(3GLUT)

glutSetCursor - changes the cursor image of the current window. SYNTAX
#include <GLUT/glut.h> void glutSetCursor(int cursor); ARGUMENTS
cursor Name of cursor image to change to. Possible values follow: GLUT_CURSOR_RIGHT_ARROW Arrow pointing up and to the right. GLUT_CURSOR_LEFT_ARROW Arrow pointing up and to the left. GLUT_CURSOR_INFO Pointing hand. GLUT_CURSOR_DESTROY Skull & cross bones. GLUT_CURSOR_HELP Question mark. GLUT_CURSOR_CYCLE Arrows rotating in a circle. GLUT_CURSOR_SPRAY Spray can. GLUT_CURSOR_WAIT Wrist watch. GLUT_CURSOR_TEXT Insertion point cursor for text. GLUT_CURSOR_CROSSHAIR Simple cross-hair. GLUT_CURSOR_UP_DOWN Bi-directional pointing up & down. GLUT_CURSOR_LEFT_RIGHT Bi-directional pointing left & right. GLUT_CURSOR_TOP_SIDE Arrow pointing to top side. GLUT_CURSOR_BOTTOM_SIDE Arrow pointing to bottom side. GLUT_CURSOR_LEFT_SIDE Arrow pointing to left side. GLUT_CURSOR_RIGHT_SIDE Arrow pointing to right side. GLUT_CURSOR_TOP_LEFT_CORNER Arrow pointing to top-left corner. GLUT_CURSOR_TOP_RIGHT_CORNER Arrow pointing to top-right corner. GLUT_CURSOR_BOTTOM_RIGHT_CORNER Arrow pointing to bottom-left corner. GLUT_CURSOR_BOTTOM_LEFT_CORNER Arrow pointing to bottom-right corner. GLUT_CURSOR_FULL_CROSSHAIR Full-screen cross-hair cursor (if possible, otherwise GLUT_CURSOR_CROSSHAIR). GLUT_CURSOR_NONE Invisible cursor. GLUT_CURSOR_INHERIT Use parent's cursor. DESCRIPTION
glutSetCursor changes the cursor image of the current window. Each call requests the window system change the cursor appropriately. The cursor image when a window is created is GLUT_CURSOR_INHERIT. The exact cursor images used are implementation dependent. The intent is for the image to convey the meaning of the cursor name. For a top-level window, GLUT_CURSOR_INHERIT uses the default window system cursor. X IMPLEMENTATION NOTES
GLUT for X uses SGI's _SGI_CROSSHAIR_CURSOR convention to access a full-screen cross-hair cursor if possible. SEE ALSO
glutCreateWindow, glutCreateSubWindow AUTHOR
Mark J. Kilgard ( GLUT
3.7 glutSetCursor(3GLUT)
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