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glutinitwindowposition(3) [centos man page]

glutInitWindowPosition -- Requests future windows to open at a given position. LIBRARY
OpenGLUT - window SYNOPSIS
#include <openglut.h> void glutInitWindowPosition(int x, int y); PARAMETERS
x X coordinate. y Y coordinate. DESCRIPTION
This function allows you to request an initial position for future windows. SEE ALSO
glutPositionWindow(3) glutInit(3) glutInitWindowSize(3) glutInitDisplayMode(3) glutInitDisplayString(3) glutGet(3) Epoch

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glutInitDisplayMode -- Set the window creation display mode. LIBRARY
OpenGLUT - window SYNOPSIS
#include <openglut.h> void glutInitDisplayMode(unsigned int displayMode); PARAMETERS
displayMode Requested display mode bitmask. DESCRIPTION
glutInitDisplayMode() allows you to control the mode for subsequent OpenGLUT windows. Allowable displayMode is a combination of: - GLUT_RGB Red, green, blue framebuffer. - GLUT_RGBA Red, green, blue, alpha framebuffer. - GLUT_INDEX Indexed color framebuffer. - GLUT_SINGLE Single-buffered mode. - GLUT_DOUBLE Double-buffered mode. - GLUT_ACCUM Accumulation buffer. - GLUT_ALPHA Alpha channel. - GLUT_DEPTH Depth buffering. - GLUT_STENCIL Stencil buffering. - GLUT_MULTISAMPLE Multisampling mode. (not always available) - GLUT_STEREO Left and right framebuffers. - GLUT_LUMINANCE Greyscale color mode. Additionally, the following experimental features are implemented: - GLUT_OFFSCREEN Offscreen windows are very much like onscreen windows that have been dragged off of the edge of the screen. The biggest issue is that off- screen windows do not support subwindows. Other than that, onscreen windows that are dragged off of the edge may not store graphics that you render (while GLUT_OFFSCREEN windows do), and there is no way to drag an offscreen window onscreen for user interaction. - GLUT_BORDERLESS Borderless windows are very experimental, and their precise behavior is not set in stone. See also glutCreateMenuWindow(). The following are defaults : - GLUT_RGB - GLUT_SINGLE CAVEATS
Some display mode features were introduced by OpenGLUT. Not all features or combinations of features are valid for all platforms. There is no way to change the display mode of an open window. BUGS
GLUT_OFFSCREEN windows do not work with nVidia cards/drivers. (Both Win32 and X11) GLUT_BORDERLESS seems to vary by the window manager on X11, though twm (for example) performs very similarly to WIN32. But KDE's window manager (for example) does not let you send keystrokes to borderless windows without OpenGLUT hacks. SEE ALSO
glutCreateMenuWindow(3) glutInit(3) glutInitWindowSize(3) glutInitWindowPosition(3) glutInitDisplayString(3) glutSwapBuffers(3) Epoch
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