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glutpopwindow(3) [centos man page]

glutPopWindow -- Request to raise the current window to the top LIBRARY
OpenGLUT - window SYNOPSIS
#include <openglut.h> void glutPopWindow(void); DESCRIPTION
Request that the current window be brought to the top. A window can be in front of or behind other windows, as determined by the z-order from front to back. Top-level OpenGLUT windows can be placed at the front or back of the z-order by means of the glutPopWindow() and glutPushWindow() API functions. A z-order also applies to the subwindows of a top-level window. While the z-order of top-level windows can usually be adjusted by the user, subwindow z-order is controlled entirely by the application. If this has any effect on your window's visibility, you should receive a glutWindowStatusFunc() callback and a glutDisplayFunc() callback. CAVEATS
The z-order of top-level windows is ultimately managed by the windowing system. Therefore, a push or pop request by an OpenGLUT application may not necessarily succeed or take immediate effect. Not applicable to offscreen windows. SEE ALSO
glutCreateWindow(3) glutDisplayFunc(3) glutPushWindow(3) glutWindowStatusFunc(3) Epoch

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glutCreateSubWindow -- Create a subwindow LIBRARY
OpenGLUT - window SYNOPSIS
#include <openglut.h> int glutCreateSubWindow(int parentID, int x, int y, int w, int h); PARAMETERS
parentID Parent window identifier x Horizontal position of subwindow y Vertical position of subwindow w Width of subwindow h Height of subwindow DESCRIPTION
In almost every regard that is important to you, a subwindow is like a top-level window. It has a window id; it has its own set of event callbacks; you can render to it; you are notified of its creation; ... A subwindow lives inside of some other window (possibly a top-level window, possibly another subwindow). Because of this, it generally only interacts with other windows of your own creation, hence it is not subjected to a window manager. This is the primary source for its differ- ences from a top-level window: - There are no borders or decorations. - There is no title bar, hence no title. - Requests tend to be acted on a little more directly, without interference from a window manager. - The subwindow inherits the display mode of its parent. Like a top-level window, you must register a display callback function if you wish to use glutMainloop(). A notable case where this function can fail is for offscreen windows. A coherent concept of a subwindow of an offscreen window would intro- duce more complication than is presently believed to be worthwhile. Attempting such a window presently just fails. Failure is denoted by a 0 window id being returned. Subwindows can be very useful for partitioning a window into GUI elements: They have their own input callbacks, so you don't have to figure out which window an event is for. Graphics are clipped to the boundaries of your subwindows, so you do not need to worry much about where your drawing goes. Because windows and subwindows work almost identically from the perspective of a GLUT program, it is relatively easy to move a cluster of related controls into a separate top-level window---or, conversely, embed what was a top-level window inside of another window. OpenGLUT can also report some basic statistics about your (sub)window, relieving you of the duty of tracking all of that information for yourself. SEE ALSO
glutCreateWindow(3) glutDestroyWindow(3) glutCreateMenuWindow(3) Epoch
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