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audit_add_rule_data(3) [centos man page]

AUDIT_ADD_RULE_DATA(3)						  Linux Audit API					    AUDIT_ADD_RULE_DATA(3)

audit_add_rule_data - Add new audit rule SYNOPSIS
#include <libaudit.h> int audit_add_rule_data (int fd, struct audit_rule_data *rule, int flags, int action); DESCRIPTION
audit_add_rule adds an audit rule previously constructed with audit_rule_fieldpair_data(3) to one of several kernel event filters. The fil- ter is specified by the flags argument. Possible values for flags are: o AUDIT_FILTER_USER - Apply rule to userspace generated messages. o AUDIT_FILTER_TASK - Apply rule at task creation (not syscall). o AUDIT_FILTER_EXIT - Apply rule at syscall exit. o AUDIT_FILTER_TYPE - Apply rule at audit_log_start. The rule's action has two possible values: o AUDIT_NEVER - Do not build context if rule matches. o AUDIT_ALWAYS - Generate audit record if rule matches. RETURN VALUE
The return value is <= 0 on error, otherwise it is the netlink sequence id number. This function can have any error that sendto would encounter. SEE ALSO
audit_rule_fieldpair_data(3), audit_delete_rule_data(3), auditctl(8). AUTHOR
Steve Grubb. Red Hat Aug 2009 AUDIT_ADD_RULE_DATA(3)

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AUDIT_SET_FAILURE(3)						  Linux Audit API					      AUDIT_SET_FAILURE(3)

audit_set_failure - Set audit failure flag SYNOPSIS
#include <libaudit.h> int audit_set_failure (int fd, int failure); DESCRIPTION
audit_set_failure sets the action that the kernel will perform when the backlog limit is reached or when it encounters an error and cannot proceed. Possible values are: 0 - AUDIT_FAIL_PRINTK [default] Log the audit record using printk which will cause subsequent events to get written to syslog. 1 - AUDIT_FAIL_SILENT Do nothing, report nothing, skip logging the record and continue. 2 - AUDIT_FAIL_PANIC Call the panic function. This would be used to prevent use of the machine upon loss of audit events. RETURN VALUE
The return value is <= 0 on error, otherwise it is the netlink sequence id number. This function can have any error that sendto would encounter. SEE ALSO
audit_set_backlog(3), audit_open(3), auditd(8), auditctl(8). AUTHOR
Steve Grubb Red Hat Oct 2006 AUDIT_SET_FAILURE(3)
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