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afopenfile(3) [centos man page]

AFOPENFILE(3)															     AFOPENFILE(3)

afOpenFile - open an audio file and create a file handle structure used for subsequent calls to the Audio File Library SYNOPSIS
#include <audiofile.h> AFfilehandle afOpenFile(const char *path, const char *mode, AFfilesetup setup); PARAMETERS
path is the path to the file to be opened. mode specifies a mode for opening the file: "r" for reading or "w" for writing. setup is an AFfilesetup created by afNewFileSetup(3). This value is ignored for files opened for reading except when the file format is AF_FILE_RAWDATA. RETURN VALUE
Upon success, afOpenFile returns a valid AFfilehandle which can be used in subsequent calls to the Audio File Library. Upon failure, afOpenFile returns NULL and generates an error. afCloseFile(3) is used to close the file when it is no longer needed. ERRORS
afOpenFile can produce the following errors: AF_BAD_OPEN A call to open failed. AF_BAD_READ A call to read failed AF_BAD_WRITE A call to write failed. AF_BAD_LSEEK A call to lseek failed. AF_BAD_MALLOC Memory allocation failed. AF_BAD_FILEFMT setup specifies a file format which is unsupported for mode. AF_BAD_SAMPFMT The file's sample format is not supported. AF_BAD_WIDTH The file's sample width is not supported. AF_BAD_RATE The file's sample rate is not supported. AF_BAD_CHANNELS The number of channels in the file is not supported. AF_BAD_FILESETUP setup specifies an invalid or unsupported configuration. SEE ALSO
afCloseFile(3), afNewFileSetup(3), afInitFileFormat(3), afInitSampleFormat(3), afReadFrames(3), afWriteFrames(3) AUTHOR
Michael Pruett <> Audio File Library 0.3.6 03/06/2013 AFOPENFILE(3)

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afSetVirtualByteOrder, afSetVirtualChannels, afSetVirtualPCMMapping, afSetVirtualSampleFormat - set the virtual data format for a track in an audio file SYNOPSIS
#include <audiofile.h> int afSetVirtualByteOrder (AFfilehandle file, int track, int byteOrder); int afSetVirtualChannels (AFfilehandle file, int track, int channels); int afSetVirtualSampleFormat (AFfilehandle file, int track, int sampleFormat, int sampleWidth); int afSetVirtualPCMMapping (AFfilehandle file, int track, double slope, double intercept, double minclip, double maxclip); PARAMETERS
o file is an AFfilehandle which refers to an open audio file and is usually created by afOpenFile. o track is an integer which identifies a particular track in an open audio file. The only valid track is AF_DEFAULT_TRACK for all currently supported file formats. o sampleFormat is an integer which denotes a virtual sample format. Valid values are AF_SAMPFMT_TWOSCOMP, AF_SAMPFMT_UNSIGNED, AF_SAMPFMT_FLOAT, and AF_SAMPFMT_DOUBLE. o sampleWidth is a positive integer which specifies the number of bits in a sample. o channels is a positive integer which specifies the number of interleaved audio channels in the given audio track. o byteOrder is an integer which specifies the virtual byte order of samples in the given audio track. byteOrder can be either AF_BYTEORDER_BIGENDIAN or AF_BYTEORDER_LITTLEENDIAN. o slope and intercept are double-precision floating point values which indicate the audio data sample slope and zero-crossing value, respectively, for the given sample format. o minclip and maxclip are double-precision floating point values which indicates the minimum or maximum sample values to be returned. Any values less than minclip will be set to minclip, and any values greater than maxclip will be set to maxclip. RETURN VALUE
These functions return 0 for success and -1 for failure. AUTHOR
Michael Pruett <> Audio File Library 0.3.6 03/06/2013 AFSETVIRTUALSAMPLEFO(3)
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