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__gnu_pbds::container_traits(3) [centos man page]

__gnu_pbds::container_traits< Cntnr >(3)		     Library Functions Manual			  __gnu_pbds::container_traits< Cntnr >(3)

__gnu_pbds::container_traits< Cntnr > - SYNOPSIS
Inherits __gnu_pbds::container_traits_base< Cntnr::container_category >. Public Types enum { order_preserving, erase_can_throw, split_join_can_throw, reverse_iteration } typedef container_traits_base < container_category > base_type" typedef Cntnr::container_category container_category typedef Cntnr container_type typedef base_type::invalidation_guarantee invalidation_guarantee" Detailed Description template<typename Cntnr>struct __gnu_pbds::container_traits< Cntnr > Container traits. Definition at line 418 of file tag_and_trait.hpp. Member Enumeration Documentation template<typename Cntnr > anonymous enum Enumerator order_preserving True only if Cntnr objects guarantee storing keys by order. erase_can_throw True only if erasing a key can throw. split_join_can_throw True only if split or join operations can throw. reverse_iteration True only reverse iterators are supported. Definition at line 426 of file tag_and_trait.hpp. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libstdc++ from the source code. libstdc++ Tue Jun 10 2014 __gnu_pbds::container_traits< Cntnr >(3)

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__gnu_pbds::container_base< Key, Mapped, Tag, Policy_Tl, Allocator >(3cx__gnu_pbds::container_base< Key, Mapped, Tag, Policy_Tl, Allocator >(3cxx)

__gnu_pbds::container_base< Key, Mapped, Tag, Policy_Tl, Allocator > - SYNOPSIS
Inherits type< Key, Mapped, Tag, Policy_Tl, Allocator >. Inherited by __gnu_pbds::basic_tree< Key, Mapped, Tag, Node_Update, Policy_Tl, Allocator >. Public Types typedef Allocator allocator_type typedef base_type::const_iterator const_iterator typedef key_rebind::const_pointer const_key_pointer typedef key_rebind::const_reference const_key_reference typedef mapped_rebind::const_pointer const_mapped_pointer" typedef mapped_rebind::const_reference const_mapped_reference" typedef base_type::const_point_iterator const_point_iterator" typedef value_rebind::const_pointer const_pointer typedef value_rebind::const_reference const_reference" typedef Tag container_category typedef allocator_type::difference_type difference_type" typedef base_type::iterator iterator typedef key_rebind::pointer key_pointer typedef allocator_type::template rebind< key_type >::other key_rebind" typedef key_rebind::reference key_reference typedef allocator_type::template rebind< Key > ::other::value_type key_type" typedef mapped_rebind::pointer mapped_pointer typedef allocator_type::template rebind< mapped_type >::other mapped_rebind" typedef mapped_rebind::reference mapped_reference typedef Mapped mapped_type typedef base_type::point_iterator point_iterator typedef value_rebind::pointer pointer typedef value_rebind::reference reference typedef allocator_type::size_type size_type typedef allocator_type::template rebind< value_type >::other value_rebind" typedef base_type::value_type value_type Detailed Description template<typename Key, typename Mapped, typename Tag, typename Policy_Tl, typename Allocator>class __gnu_pbds::container_base< Key, Mapped, Tag, Policy_Tl, Allocator > An abstract basic associative container. Definition at line 77 of file assoc_container.hpp. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libstdc++ from the source code. libstdc++ Tue No__gnu_pbds::container_base< Key, Mapped, Tag, Policy_Tl, Allocator >(3cxx)
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