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__gnu_pbds(3) [centos man page]

__gnu_pbds(3)						     Library Functions Manual						     __gnu_pbds(3)

__gnu_pbds - SYNOPSIS
Classes struct associative_tag class basic_branch struct basic_branch_tag class basic_hash_table struct basic_hash_tag struct basic_invalidation_guarantee struct binary_heap_tag struct binomial_heap_tag class cc_hash_max_collision_check_resize_trigger class cc_hash_table struct cc_hash_tag struct container_error struct container_tag struct container_traits struct container_traits_base struct container_traits_base< binary_heap_tag > struct container_traits_base< binomial_heap_tag > struct container_traits_base< cc_hash_tag > struct container_traits_base< gp_hash_tag > struct container_traits_base< list_update_tag > struct container_traits_base< ov_tree_tag > struct container_traits_base< pairing_heap_tag > struct container_traits_base< pat_trie_tag > struct container_traits_base< rb_tree_tag > struct container_traits_base< rc_binomial_heap_tag > struct container_traits_base< splay_tree_tag > struct container_traits_base< thin_heap_tag > class direct_mask_range_hashing class direct_mod_range_hashing class gp_hash_table struct gp_hash_tag class hash_exponential_size_policy class hash_load_check_resize_trigger class hash_prime_size_policy class hash_standard_resize_policy struct insert_error struct join_error class linear_probe_fn class list_update struct list_update_tag class lu_counter_policy class lu_move_to_front_policy struct null_node_update struct null_type struct ov_tree_tag struct pairing_heap_tag struct pat_trie_tag struct point_invalidation_guarantee class priority_queue struct priority_queue_tag class quadratic_probe_fn struct range_invalidation_guarantee struct rb_tree_tag struct rc_binomial_heap_tag struct resize_error class sample_probe_fn class sample_range_hashing class sample_ranged_hash_fn class sample_ranged_probe_fn class sample_resize_policy class sample_resize_trigger class sample_size_policy class sample_tree_node_update struct sample_trie_access_traits class sample_trie_node_update struct sample_update_policy struct sequence_tag struct splay_tree_tag struct string_tag struct thin_heap_tag class tree class tree_order_statistics_node_update struct tree_tag class trie class trie_order_statistics_node_update class trie_prefix_search_node_update struct trie_string_access_traits struct trie_tag struct trivial_iterator_tag Typedefs typedef void trivial_iterator_difference_type Functions void __throw_container_error () void __throw_insert_error () void __throw_join_error () void __throw_resize_error () Detailed Description GNU extensions for policy-based data structures for public use. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libstdc++ from the source code. libstdc++ Tue Jun 10 2014 __gnu_pbds(3)

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smi_class(3)						SMI Management Information Library					      smi_class(3)

smiGetClass smiGetFirstClass, smiGetNextClass, smiGetClassModule, smiGetParentClass, smiIsClassScalar - SMI class information routines SYNOPSIS
#include <smi.h> SmiClass *smiGetClass(SmiModule *smiModulePtr, char *name); SmiClass *smiGetFirstClass(SmiModule *smiModulePtr); SmiClass *smiGetNextClass(SmiClass *smiClassPtr); SmiClass *smiGetParentClass(SmiClass *smiClassPtr); SmiModule *smiGetClassModule(SmiClass *smiClassPtr); int smiIsClassScalar(SmiClass *smiClassPtr); typedef struct SmiClass { SmiIdentifier name; SmiDecl decl; SmiStatus status; char *description; char *reference; } SmiClass; DESCRIPTION
These functions retrieve information on a SMIng class definition (SMIng). smiGetClass(SmiModule *smiModulePtr,char *name) returns a pointer to struct SmiClass that represents the class with the given name in the given module(smiModulePtr ), or NULL if the class with the given name does not exist. smiGetFirstClass(SmiModule *smiModulePtr) and smiGetNextClass(SmiClass *smiClassPtr) are used to iterate through the classes of the module given by smiModulePtr. They return a pointer to struct SmiClass that represents a class or NULL if there are no classes left in the module, or error has occurred. smiGetClassModule(SmiClass *smiClassPtr) returns a pointer to struct SmiModule, of the module containing the given class. smiGetParentClass(SmiClass *smiClassPtr) returns a pointer to struct SmiClass pointing to the parent of the given smiClassPtr, or NULL if the class is not derived. smiIsClassScalar(SmiClass *smiClassPtr) returns int 1 if the class is scalar(its unique statement contains an empty list) or 0 otherwise. This method can be used in conjunction with smiGetFirstUniqueAttribute() to determine whether the class is meant to be instantiated sepa- rately (has unique statement with nonempty list), or if it is meant to be used as part of another class (has no unique statement). FILES
${prefix}/include/smi.h SMI library header file SEE ALSO
libsmi(3), smi_module(3), smi.h AUTHOR
(C) 2007 Kaloyan Kanev, Jacobs University, Germany <> February 10, 2007 smi_class(3)
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