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XmTabList(library call) 												   XmTabList(library call)

XmTabList -- Data type for a tab list SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/Xm.h> XmTabList DESCRIPTION
XmTabList is the data type for a tab list. A tab list consists of tab stop list entries (XmTabs). Whenever a tab component is encountered while an XmString is being rendered, the origin of the next X draw depends on the next XmTab. If a tab stop would cause text to overlap, the x position for the segment is reset to follow immediately after the end of the previous segment. Tab lists are specified in resource files with the following syntax: resource_spec: tab WHITESPACE [, WHITESPACE tab ]* The resource value string consists of one or more tabs separated by commas. Each tab identifies the value of the tab, the unit type, and whether the offset is relative or absolute. For example: tab := float [ WHITESPACE units ] float := [ sign ] [[ DIGIT]*. ]DIGIT+ sign := + where the presence or absence of sign indicates, respectively, a relative offset or an absolute offset. Note that negative tab values are not allowed. units indicates the unitType to use as described in the XmConvertUnits reference page. For example, the following specifies a tab list consisting of a one inch absolute tab followed by a one inch relative tab: *tabList: 1in, +1in For resources of type, dimension, or position, you can specify units as described in the XmNunitType resource of the XmGadget, XmManager, or XmPrimitive reference page. RELATED
Refer to the Motif Programmer's Guide for more information about tabs and tab lists. XmTabListCopy(3), XmTabListFree(3), XmTabListGet- Tab(3), XmTabListInsertTabs(3), XmTabListRemoveTabs(3), XmTabListReplacePositions(3), and XmTabListTabCount(3). XmTabList(library call)

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XmTabListInsertTabs(library call)										 XmTabListInsertTabs(library call)

XmTabListInsertTabs -- A convenience function that inserts tabs into a tab list SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/Xm.h> XmTabList XmTabListInsertTabs( XmTabList oldlist, XmTab *tabs, Cardinal tab_count, int position); DESCRIPTION
XmTabListInsertTabs creates a new tab list that includes the tabs in oldlist. This function copies specified tabs to the tab list at the given position. The first tab_count tabs of the tabs array are added to the tab list. If oldlist is NULL, XmTabListInsertTabs creates a new tab list containing only the tabs specified. oldlist Specifies the tab list to add the tabs to. The function deallocates oldlist after extracting the required information. tabs Specifies a pointer to the tabs to be added to the tab list. It is the caller's responsibility to free the tabs in tabs by using XmTabFree. tab_count Specifies the number of tabs in tabs. position Specifies the position of the first new tab in the tab list. A value of 0 (zero) makes the first new tab the first tab in the tab list, a value of 1 makes it the second tab, and so on. If position is greater than the number of tabs in oldlist, then the tabs will be inserted at the end. If position is negative, the count will be backwards from the end. A value of -1 makes the first new tab the last tab, and so on. RETURN
If tabs is NULL or tab_count is 0 (zero), this function returns oldlist. Otherwise, it returns a new tab list. The function allocates space to hold the returned tab list. The application is responsible for managing the allocated space. The application can recover the allocated space by calling XmTabListFree. RELATED
XmTabList(3) and XmTabListFree(3). XmTabListInsertTabs(library call)
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