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XmCreateOutline(library call)					    XmCreateOutline(library call)

       XmCreateOutline -- The Outline widget creation function

       #include <Xm/Outline.h>
       Widget XmCreateOutline(
       Widget parent,
       String name,
       ArgList arglist,
       Cardinal argcount);

       XmCreateOutline	creates an instance of a Outline widget and returns the associated widget

       parent	 Specifies the parent widget ID

       name	 Specifies the name of the created widget

       arglist	 Specifies the argument list

       argcount  Specifies the number of attribute/value pairs in the argument list (arglist)

       For a complete definition of Outline and its associated resources, see XmOutline(3).

       Returns the Outline widget ID.


								    XmCreateOutline(library call)
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