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atr_analysis(1p) [centos man page]

ATR_ANALYSIS(1p)                                                   User Commands                                                  ATR_ANALYSIS(1p)

ATR_analysis - analyse a smart card ATR SYNOPSIS
ATR_analysis [ATRstring] DESCRIPTION
ATR_analysis is used to parse the ATR (Answer To Reset) sent by a smart card. The command also tries to find the card model using an ATR database stored in a text file smartcard_list.txt. The smartcard_list.txt file is searched in ./, /usr/local/pcsc/ and /usr/share/pcsc/ directories. Exemple: $ ATR_analysis '3B A7 00 40 18 80 65 A2 08 01 01 52' ATR: 3B A7 00 40 18 80 65 A2 08 01 01 52 + TS = 3B --> Direct Convention + T0 = A7, Y(1): 1010, K: 7 (historical bytes) TB(1) = 00 --> Programming Param P: 0, I: 0 TD(1) = 40 --> Y(i+1) = 0100, Protocol T = 0 ----- TC(2) = 18 --> Work waiting time: 960 x 24 x (Fi/F) + Historical bytes: 80 65 A2 08 01 01 52 Possibly identified card: 3B A7 00 40 18 80 65 A2 08 01 01 52 Gemplus GPK8000 BUGS
Maybe many bugs since I am not a ISO 7816 expert. FILES
smartcard_list.txt SEE ALSO
pcscd(8), pcsc_scan(1) AUTHOR
Ludovic Rousseau <> Version: 1.3 October 2005 ATR_ANALYSIS(1p)

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PCSC_SCAN(1)                                                  General Commands Manual                                                 PCSC_SCAN(1)

pcsc_scan - regularly scans every PC/SC readers connected to the host SYNOPSIS
pcsc_scan [options] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the pcsc_scan command. pcsc_scan is a program that regularly scans every PC/SC readers connected to the host When pcsc_scan is started it asks pcscd the list of available smart card readers. The list is printed. A sequence number is printed before each reader. Example: PC/SC device scanner V 1.1.0 (c) 2001-2002, Ludovic Rousseau PC/SC lite version: 1.1.1 0: GemPC410 0 0 1: GemPC430 0 0 When a card is inserted in any reader some information is printed: date and time: Thu Jun 13 18:56:14 2002 reader name: Reader 0 (GemPC410 0 0) card state and occured event: Card state: State has changed, Card inserted, ATR in case of card insertion: ATR: 3B 82 00 86 1E print an ATR analysis if the ATR_analysis command is available: ATR: 3B 82 00 86 1E + TS = 3B --> Direct Convention + T0 = 82, Y(1): 1000, K: 2 (historical bytes) TD(1) = 00 --> Y(i+1) = 0000, Protocol T = 0 ----- + Historical bytes: 86 1E OPTIONS
-h print help -V print version number -n do not print ATR analysis SEE ALSO
pcscd(1), ATR_analysis(1) AUTHOR
Ludovic Rousseau <> june 13, 2002 PCSC_SCAN(1)
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