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tcp-env(1) [centos man page]

tcp-env(1)                                                    General Commands Manual                                                   tcp-env(1)

tcp-env - set up TCP-related environment variables SYNOPSIS
tcp-env [ -rR ] [ -ttimeout ] program [ arg ... ] DESCRIPTION
The input for tcp-env must be a TCP connection. tcp-env finds out information about that connection, puts the information into several environment variables as described in tcp-environ(5), and runs program with the given arguments. Usually tcp-env is run from inetd. It might instead be run from another server that already sets up the right environment variables; if PROTO is set to TCP when tcp-env is invoked, tcp-env assumes that all the other variables are set up properly, and it does not check whether the input is a TCP connection. OPTIONS
-r (Default.) Attempt to obtain TCPREMOTEINFO from the remote host. -R Do not attempt to obtain TCPREMOTEINFO from the remote host. -ttimeout Give up on the TCPREMOTEINFO connection attempt after timeout seconds. Default: 30. SEE ALSO
tcp-environ(5), inetd(8) tcp-env(1)

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tcp-environ(5)							File Formats Manual						    tcp-environ(5)

tcp-environ - TCP-related environment variables DESCRIPTION
The following environment variables describe a TCP connection. They are set up by tcp-env, tcpclient, and tcpserver. Note that TCPLOCAL- HOST, TCPREMOTEHOST, and TCPREMOTEINFO can contain arbitrary characters. PROTO The string TCP. TCPLOCALHOST The domain name of the local host, with uppercase letters converted to lowercase. If there is no currently available domain name for the local IP address, TCPLOCALHOST is not set. TCPLOCALIP The IP address of the local host, in dotted-decimal form. TCPLOCALPORT The local TCP port number, in decimal. TCPREMOTEHOST The domain name of the remote host, with uppercase letters converted to lowercase. If there is no currently available domain name for the remote IP address, TCPREMOTEHOST is not set. TCPREMOTEINFO A connection-specific string, perhaps a username, supplied by the remote host via 931/1413/IDENT/TAP. If the remote host did not sup- ply connection information, TCPREMOTEINFO is not set. TCPREMOTEIP The IP address of the remote host. TCPREMOTEPORT The remote TCP port number. SEE ALSO
tcpclient(1), tcpserver(1), tcp-env(1), tcp(4) tcp-environ(5)
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