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system-config-language(1) [centos man page]

SYSTEM-CONFIG-LANGUAGE(1)				      General Commands Manual					 SYSTEM-CONFIG-LANGUAGE(1)

system-config-language - A graphical interface for modifying the system language. DESCRIPTION
This tool will allow user to add language support. When used to add support for any language, this tool will use yum and install the required packages to use desktop in your preferred language. This will also change the locale of the root user only. This project is available at AUTHOR
Parag Nemade <> June 04, 2013 SYSTEM-CONFIG-LANGUAGE(1)

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FIREWALL-CONFIG(1)						  firewall-config						FIREWALL-CONFIG(1)

firewall-config - firewalld GUI configuration tool SYNOPSIS
firewall-config [OPTIONS...] DESCRIPTION
firewall-config is a GUI configuration tool for firewalld. OPTIONS
firewall-config does not support any special options. The only options that can be used are the general options that Gtk uses for Gtk application initialization. For more information on these options, please have a look at the runtime documentation for Gtk. The following options are supported: -h, --help Prints a short help text and exists. SEE ALSO
firewall-applet(1), firewalld(1), firewall-cmd(1), firewall-config(1), firewalld.conf(5),, firewalld.icmptype(5), firewalld.lockdown-whitelist(5), firewall-offline-cmd(1), firewalld.richlanguage(5), firewalld.service(5),, firewalld.zones(5) NOTES
firewalld home page at More documentation with examples: AUTHORS
Thomas Woerner <> Developer Jiri Popelka <> Developer firewalld 0.3.9 FIREWALL-CONFIG(1)
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