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SWIG(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   SWIG(1)

swig - Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator SYNOPSIS
swig [options] file DESCRIPTION
The swig command is used to create wrapper code to connect C and C++ code to scripting languages like Perl, Python, Tcl etc. from the defi- nition of the interface. For detailed information on writing those interface definitions please refer to /usr/share/doc/swig- doc-2.0.9/Doc/Manual/index.html from the swig-doc package. This manpage concentrates on explaining the invocation of the swig command. OPTIONS
Target Language Options: -allegrocl Generate ALLEGROCL wrappers -chicken Generate CHICKEN wrappers -clisp Generate CLISP wrappers -cffi Generate CFFI wrappers -csharp Generate C# wrappers -d Generate D wrappers -go Generate Go wrappers -guile Generate Guile wrappers -java Generate Java wrappers -lua Generate Lua wrappers -modula3 Generate Modula 3 wrappers -mzscheme Generate Mzscheme wrappers -ocaml Generate Ocaml wrappers -octave Generate Octave wrappers -perl Generate Perl wrappers -php Generate PHP wrappers -pike Generate Pike wrappers -python Generate Python wrappers -r Generate R (aka GNU S) wrappers -ruby Generate Ruby wrappers -sexp Generate Lisp S-Expressions wrappers -tcl Generate Tcl wrappers -uffi Generate Common Lisp / UFFI wrappers -xml Generate XML wrappers i General Options: -addextern Add extra extern declarations -c++ Enable C++ processing -co file Check file out of the SWIG library -copyctor Automatically generate copy constructors wherever possible -cpperraswarn Treat the preprocessor #error statement as #warning (default) -copyright Display copyright notices -debug-classes Display information about the classes found in the interface -debug-module n Display module parse tree at stages 1-4, n is a csv list of stages -debug-symtabs Display symbol tables information -debug-symbols Display target language symbols in the symbol tables -debug-csymbols Display C symbols in the symbol tables -debug-lsymbols Display target language layer symbols -debug-tags Display information about the tags found in the interface -debug-template Display information for debugging templates -debug-top n Display entire parse tree at stages 1-4, n is a csv list of stages -debug-typedef Display information about the types and typedefs in the interface -debug-typemap Display typemap debugging information -debug-tmsearch Display typemap search debugging information -debug-tmused Display typemaps used debugging information -directors Turn on director mode for all the classes, mainly for testing -dirprot Turn on wrapping of protected members for director classes (default) -Dsymbol Define a symbol symbol (for conditional compilation) -E Preprocess only, does not generate wrapper code -external-runtime [file] Export the SWIG runtime stack -fakeversion v Make SWIG fake the program version number to v -fcompact Compile in compact mode -features list Set global features, where list is a comma separated list of features, eg -features directors,autodoc=1 If no explicit value is given to the feature, a default of 1 is used -fastdispatch Enable fast dispatch mode to produce faster overload dispatcher code -Fmicrosoft Display error/warning messages in Microsoft format -Fstandard Display error/warning messages in commonly used format -fvirtual Compile in virtual elimination mode -help This output -I- Don't search the current directory -Idir Look for SWIG files in directory dir -ignoremissing Ignore missing include files -importall Follow all #include statements as imports -includeall Follow all #include statements -lifile Include SWIG library file ifile -macroerrors Report errors inside macros -makedefault Create default constructors/destructors (the default) -M List all dependencies -MD Is equivalent to '-M -MF file', except '-E' is not implied -MF file Generate dependencies into file and continue generating wrappers -MM List dependencies, but omit files in SWIG library -MMD Like '-MD', but omit files in SWIG library -module name Set module name to name -MP Generate phony targets for all dependencies -MT target Set the target of the rule emitted by dependency generation -nocontract Turn off contract checking -nocpperraswarn Do not treat the preprocessor #error statement as #warning -nodefault Do not generate default constructors nor default destructors -nodefaultctor Do not generate implicit default constructors -nodefaultdtor Do not generate implicit default destructors -nodirprot Do not wrap director protected members -noexcept Do not wrap exception specifiers -nofastdispatch Disable fast dispatch mode (default) -nopreprocess Skip the preprocessor step -notemplatereduce Disable reduction of the typedefs in templates -O Enable the optimization options: -fastdispatch -fvirtual -o outfile Set name of the output file to outfile -oh headfile Set name of the output header file to headfile -outcurrentdir Set default output dir to current dir instead of input file's path -outdir dir Set language specific files output directory to dir -pcreversion Display PCRE version information -small Compile in virtual elimination & compact mode -swiglib Report location of SWIG library and exit -templatereduce Reduce all the typedefs in templates -v Run in verbose mode -version Display SWIG version number -Wall Remove all warning suppression, also implies -Wextra -Wallkw Enable keyword warnings for all the supported languages -Werror Treat warnings as errors -Wextra Adds the following additional warnings: 202,309,403,512,321,322 -wlist Suppress/add warning messages, eg -w401,+321 see Warnings.html -xmlout file Write XML version of the parse tree to file after normal processing Tcl 8 Options (available with -tcl) -itcl Enable ITcl support -nosafe Leave out SafeInit module function. -prefix name Set a prefix name to be prepended to all names -namespace Build module into a Tcl 8 namespace -pkgversion Set package version Note: 'swig -lang -help' displays options for a specific target language. AUTHOR
SWIG was originally created by David Beazley. For up-to-date information about authors and contributors please check This manual page was written by Torsten Landschoff <> and updated by Jitka Plesnikova <> (but may be used by others). 2013-05-24 SWIG(1)
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