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sphinx-build(1) [centos man page]

SPHINX-BUILD(1) 						      Sphinx							   SPHINX-BUILD(1)

sphinx-build - Sphinx documentation generator tool SYNOPSIS
sphinx-build [options] <sourcedir> <outdir> [filenames ...] DESCRIPTION
sphinx-build generates documentation from the files in <sourcedir> and places it in the <outdir>. sphinx-build looks for <sourcedir>/ for the configuration settings. sphinx-quickstart(1) may be used to generate template files, including sphinx-build can create documentation in different formats. A format is selected by specifying the builder name on the command line; it defaults to HTML. Builders can also perform other tasks related to documentation processing. By default, everything that is outdated is built. Output only for selected files can be built by specifying individual filenames. List of available builders: html HTML file generation. This is the default builder. htmlhelp Generates files for CHM (compiled help files) generation. qthelp Generates files for Qt help collection generation. devhelp Generates files for the GNOME Devhelp help viewer. latex Generates LaTeX output that can be compiled to a PDF document. man Generates manual pages. texinfo Generates Texinfo output that can be processed by makeinfo to generate an Info document. text Generates a plain-text version of the documentation. changes Generates HTML files listing changed/added/deprecated items for the current version of the documented project. linkcheck Checks the integrity of all external links in the source. pickle / json Generates serialized HTML files for use in web applications. OPTIONS
-b <builder> Builder to use; defaults to html. See the full list of builders above. -a Generate output for all files; without this option only output for new and changed files is generated. -E Ignore cached files, forces to re-read all source files from disk. -c <path> Locate the file in the specified path instead of <sourcedir>. -C Specify that no file at all is to be used. Configuration can only be set with the -D option. -D <setting=value> Override a setting from the configuration file. -d <path> Path to cached files; defaults to <outdir>/.doctrees. -A <name=value> Pass a value into the HTML templates (only for HTML builders). -n Run in nit-picky mode, warn about all missing references. -N Prevent colored output. -q Quiet operation, just print warnings and errors on stderr. -Q Very quiet operation, don't print anything except for errors. -w <file> Write warnings and errors into the given file, in addition to stderr. -W Turn warnings into errors. -P Run Pdb on exception. SEE ALSO
sphinx-quickstart(1) AUTHOR
Georg Brandl <>, Armin Ronacher <> et al. This manual page was initially written by Mikhail Gusarov <>, for the Debian project. COPYRIGHT
2007-2011, Georg Brandl 1.1.3 June 10, 2014 SPHINX-BUILD(1)

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SCAN-BUILD(1)															     SCAN-BUILD(1)

scan-build scan-build(1) -- An utility for running the clang(1) analyzer from the command line SYNOPSIS
scan-build options build command [build options] DESCRIPTION
scan-build is a command line utility that enables a user to run the clang static analyzer over their codebase as part of performing a regu- lar build (from the command line). OPTIONS
-analyze-headers Also analyze functions in #included files. -o Target directory for HTML report files. Subdirectories will be created as needed to represent separate "runs" of the analyzer. If this option is not specified, a directory is created in /tmp (TMPDIR on Mac OS X) to store the reports. -h, --help Display the help message. -k Add a "keep on going" option to the specified build command. --keep-going This option currently supports make and xcodebuild. This is a convenience option; one can specify this behavior directly using build options. --html-title [title] Specify the title used on generated HTML pages. --html-title=[title] If not specified, a default title will be used. -plist By default the output of scan-build is a set of HTML files. This option outputs the results as a set of .plist files. --status-bugs By default, the exit status of scan-build is the same as the executed build command. Specifying this option causes the exit status of scan-build to be 1 if it found potential bugs and 0 otherwise. --use-cc [compiler path] By default, scan-build uses 'gcc' to compile and link --use-cc=[compiler path] your C and Objective-C code. Use this option to specify an alternate compiler. --use-c++ [compiler path] By default, scan-build uses 'g++' to compile and link --use-c++=[compiler path] your C++ and Objective-C++ code. Use this option to specify an alternate compiler. -v Verbose output from scan-build and the analyzer. A second and third '-v' increases verbosity. -V View analysis results in a web browser when the build --view completes. ADVANCED OPTIONS
: -constraints [model] Specify the contraint engine used by the analyzer. By default the 'range' model is used. Specifying 'basic' uses a simpler, less powerful constraint model used by checker-0.160 and earlier. -store [model] Specify the store model used by the analyzer. By default, the 'region' store model is used. 'region' specifies a field sensitive store model. Users can also specify 'basic', which is far less precise but can more quickly analyze code. 'basic' was the default store model for checker-0.221 and earlier. -no-failure-reports Do not create a 'failures' subdirectory that includes analyzer crash reports and preprocessed source files. EXAMPLES
Basic usage of scan-build is designed to be simple: just place the word "scan-build" in front of your build command: $ scan-build make $ scan-build xcodebuild In the first case scan-build analyzes the code of a project built with make and in the second case scan-build analyzes a project built using xcodebuild. It is also possible to use scan-build to analyze specific files: $ scan-build gcc -c t1.c t2.c This example causes the files t1.c and t2.c to be analyzed. AUTHORS
Maintained by the Clang / LLVM Team This manual page was written by Ermenegildo Fiorito for the Debian Project. SEE ALSO
clang(1) scan-view(1) December 2010 SCAN-BUILD(1)
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