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reporter-upload - Uploads compressed tarball of problem directory. SYNOPSIS
reporter-upload [-c CONFFILE]... [-d DIR] [-u URL] DESCRIPTION
The tool is used to create a compressed tarball of the problem directory and upload it to a URL. Supported protocols include FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SCP, SFTP, TFTP and FILE. Configuration file Configuration file contains entries in a format "Option = Value". The options are: URL The URL where tarball should be uploaded. Integration with ABRT events reporter-upload can be used as a reporter, to allow users to upload compressed tarballs of problem directories to a configured URL. This usage can be configured in /etc/libreport/report_event.conf: EVENT=report_Upload reporter-upload It can be also used on the post-create event to upload it automatically. EVENT=post-create reporter-upload OPTIONS
-d DIR Path to problem directory. -c CONFFILE Path to configuration file. When used in ABRT event system, the file contains site-wide configuration. Users can change the values via environment variables. -u URL The URL where tarball should be uploaded. URL should have form protocol://[user[:pass]@]host/dir/[file.tar.gz] where protocol can be http(s), ftp, scp, or file. File protocol can't have user and host parts: file.tar.gz[1]. If URL ends with a slash, the archive name will be generated and appended to URL; otherwise, URL will be used as full file name. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
Environment variables take precedence over values provided in the configuration file. Upload_URL The URL where should be the tarball uploaded. AUTHORS
1. file.tar.gz file:///dir/ LIBREPORT 2.1.11 06/18/2014 REPORTER-UPLOAD(1)

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reporter-rhtsupport - Reports problem to RHTSupport. SYNOPSIS
reporter-rhtsupport [-v] [-c CONFFILE] -d DIR Or: reporter-rhtsupport [-v] [-c CONFFILE] [-d DIR] -t[ID] FILE... DESCRIPTION
The tool reads problem directory DIR. Then it logs in to RHTSupport and creates a new case. The URL to new case is printed to stdout and recorded in reported_to element in DIR. If not specified, CONFFILE defaults to /etc/libreport/plugins/rhtsupport.conf. Option -t uploads FILEs to the already created case on RHTSupport site. The case ID is retrieved from directory specified by -d DIR. If problem data in DIR was never reported to RHTSupport, upload will fail. Option -tCASE uploads FILEs to the case CASE on RHTSupport site. -d DIR is ignored. Configuration file Configuration file lines should have PARAM = VALUE format. The parameters are: Login Login to RHTSupport account. Password Password to RHTSupport account. URL HTTP(S) address. (default: SSLVerify Use yes/true/on/1 to verify server's SSL certificate. (default: yes) Parameters can be overridden via $RHTSupport_PARAM environment variables. Integration with ABRT events reporter-rhtsupport can be used as an ABRT reporter. Example fragment for /etc/libreport/report_event.conf: # Report Python crashes EVENT=report_RHTSupport analyzer=Python reporter-rhtsupport -d . -c /etc/libreport/plugins/rhtsupport.conf OPTIONS
-d DIR Path to problem directory. -c CONFFILE Path to configuration file. -t[ID] Upload FILEs to the already created case on RHTSupport site. SEE ALSO
abrt_event.conf LIBREPORT 2.1.11 06/18/2014 REPORTER-RHTSUPPORT(1)
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