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report - uploads FILEs to specified ticket on TARGET. SYNOPSIS
This tool is provided to ease transition of users of report package to libreport. Recognized TARGETs are strata and bugzilla, first one invokes upload to RHTSupport and second - to Bugzilla. Configuration (such as login data) can be supplied via files /etc/libreport/plugins/bugzilla.conf and /etc/libreport/plugins/rhtsupport.conf, or via environment variables - read documentation of reporter-bugzilla and reporter-rhtsupport tools. OPTIONS
-T, --target "strata" or "bugzilla" -t, --ticket ID Ticket/case ID SEE ALSO
reporter-bugzilla(1), reporter-rhtsupport(1) AUTHORS
o ABRT team LIBREPORT 2.1.11 06/18/2014 REPORT(1)

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reporter-kerneloops - Reports kernel oops to (or similar) site. SYNOPSIS
reporter-kerneloops [-v] [-c CONFFILE]... [-d DIR] DESCRIPTION
The tool is used to report the crash to the Kerneloops tracker. Configuration file Configuration file contains entries in a format "Option = Value". The options are: SubmitURL The URL of the kerneloops tracker, the default is "". Integration with ABRT events reporter-kerneloops can be used as a reporter, to allow users to report problems to the Kerneloops tracker. This usage is pre-configured in /etc/libreport/events.d/koops_event.conf: EVENT=report_Kerneloops analyzer=Kerneloops reporter-kerneloops It can be also used automatically and immediately without user interaction. When this is desired, modify the event configuration file to run the tool on the post-create event: EVENT=post-create analyzer=Kerneloops reporter-kerneloops OPTIONS
-v Be more verbose. Can be given multiple times. -d DIR Path to problem directory. -c CONFFILE Path to configuration file. When used in ABRT event system, the file contains site-wide configuration. Users can change the values via environment variables. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
Environment variables take precedence over values provided in the configuration file. KerneloopsReporter_SubmitURL The URL of the kerneloops tracker. AUTHORS
o ABRT team LIBREPORT 2.1.11 06/18/2014 REPORTER-KERNELOOPS(1)
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