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pango-querymodules-64(1) [centos man page]

PANGO-QUERYMODULES(1)						   User Commands					     PANGO-QUERYMODULES(1)

pango-querymodules - Module registration utility SYNOPSIS
pango-querymodules [OPTION...] [MODULE...] DESCRIPTION
pango-querymodules collects information about loadable modules for Pango and writes it to stdout. If called without MODULE arguments, it looks for modules in the Pango module path, which is specified by the key Pango/ModulesPath in the Pango configuration database. If called with MODULE arguments, it looks for the specified modules. The arguments may be absolute or relative paths. At runtime, Pango looks for the loadable module information (i.e. the output of pango-querymodules) in libdir/pango/1.8.0/modules.cache. OPTIONS
-?, --help Prints a short help text and exits. --version Prints version information. --system Do not load user-specific configuration. --update-cache Update the Pango module cache file directly, instead of writing the information to stdout. ENVIRONMENT
PANGO_RC_FILE Specifies an additional rc file for the Pango configuration database, in addition to the system-wide and per-user files. FILES
sysconfdir/pango/pangorc System-wide Pango configuration file. $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pango/pangorc User-specific Pango configuration file. libdir/pango/1.8.0/modules.cache Location of the module cache file read by Pango. BUGS
None known yet. AUTHORS
Owen Taylor Developer Behdad Esfahbod Developer Pango 05/13/2013 PANGO-QUERYMODULES(1)

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Pango::Renderer - a base class for pango rendering HIERARCHY
Glib::Object +----Pango::Renderer METHODS
$renderer->activate Since: pango 1.8 color or undef = $renderer->get_color ($part) o $part (Pango::RenderPart) Since: pango 1.8 $renderer->set_color ($part, $color) o $part (Pango::RenderPart) o $color (Pango::Color or undef) Since: pango 1.8 $renderer->deactivate Since: pango 1.8 $renderer->draw_error_underline ($x, $y, $width, $height) o $x (integer) o $y (integer) o $width (integer) o $height (integer) Since: pango 1.8 $renderer->draw_glyph ($font, $glyph, $x, $y) o $font (Pango::Font) o $glyph (integer) o $x (double) o $y (double) Since: pango 1.8 $renderer->draw_layout ($layout, $x, $y) o $layout (Pango::Layout) o $x (integer) o $y (integer) Since: pango 1.8 $renderer->draw_layout_line ($line, $x, $y) o $line (Pango::LayoutLine) o $x (integer) o $y (integer) Since: pango 1.8 $renderer->draw_rectangle ($part, $x, $y, $width, $height) o $part (Pango::RenderPart) o $x (integer) o $y (integer) o $width (integer) o $height (integer) Since: pango 1.8 $renderer->draw_trapezoid ($part, $y1_, $x11, $x21, $y2, $x12, $x22) o $part (Pango::RenderPart) o $y1_ (double) o $x11 (double) o $x21 (double) o $y2 (double) o $x12 (double) o $x22 (double) Since: pango 1.8 layout = $renderer->get_layout Since: pango 1.20 layoutline = $renderer->get_layout_line Since: pango 1.20 matrix or undef = $renderer->get_matrix Since: pango 1.8 $renderer->set_matrix ($matrix) o $matrix (Pango::Matrix or undef) Since: pango 1.8 $renderer->part_changed ($part) o $part (Pango::RenderPart) Since: pango 1.8 ENUMS AND FLAGS
enum Pango::RenderPart o 'foreground' / 'PANGO_RENDER_PART_FOREGROUND' o 'background' / 'PANGO_RENDER_PART_BACKGROUND' o 'underline' / 'PANGO_RENDER_PART_UNDERLINE' o 'strikethrough' / 'PANGO_RENDER_PART_STRIKETHROUGH' SEE ALSO
Pango, Glib::Object COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2003-2011 by the gtk2-perl team. This software is licensed under the LGPL. See Pango for a full notice. perl v5.14.2 2011-11-15 Pango::Renderer(3pm)
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