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openpgp-tool(1) [centos man page]

OPENPGP-TOOL(1) 						   OpenSC Tools 						   OPENPGP-TOOL(1)

openpgp-tool - utility for accessing visible data OpenPGP smart cards and compatible tokens SYNOPSIS
The openpgp-tool utility is used for accessing data from the OpenPGP v1.1 and v2.0 smart cards and compatible tokens like e.g. GPF CryptoStick v1.x, which might not be present in PKCS#15 objects but available in custom files on the card. The data can be printed on screen or used by other programs via environment variables. OPTIONS
--exec prog, -x prog Execute the given program with data in environment variables. --help, -h Print help message on screen. --raw Print values in raw format, as they are stored on the card. --pretty Print values in pretty format. --user-info, -U Show card holder information. --reader num, -r num Use the given reader. The default is the first reader with a card. --verify pintype Verify PIN (CHV1, CHV2 or CHV3). --pin string The PIN text to verify. --gen-key ID, -G ID Generate key. Specify key ID (1, 2 or 3) to generate. --key-length bitlength, -L bitlength Length (default 2048 bit) of the key to be generated. --version, -V Print the version of the utility and exit. --verbose, -v Verbose operation. Use several times to enable debug output. --wait, -w Wait for a card to be inserted. AUTHORS
openpgp-tool utility was written by Peter Marschall <>. opensc 06/17/2014 OPENPGP-TOOL(1)

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OPENSC-TOOL(1)							   OpenSC tools 						    OPENSC-TOOL(1)

opensc-tool - generic smart card utility SYNOPSIS
The opensc-tool utility can be used from the command line to perform miscellaneous smart card operations such as getting the card ATR or sending arbitrary APDU commands to a card. OPTIONS
--info, -i Print information about OpenSC, such as version and enabled components --atr, -a Print the Answer To Reset (ATR) of the card, output is in hex byte format --name, -n Print the name of the inserted card (driver) --serial Print the card serial number (normally the ICCSN), output is in hex byte format --send-apdu apdu, -s apdu Sends an arbitrary APDU to the card in the format AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF... --list-files, -f Recursively lists all files stored on card --list-readers, -l Lists all configured readers --list-drivers, -D Lists all installed card drivers --reader num, -r num Use the given reader number. The default is 0, the first reader in the system. --card-driver driver, -c driver Use the given card driver. The default is auto-detected. --wait, -w Wait for a card to be inserted --verbose, -v Causes opensc-tool to be more verbose. Specify this flag several times to enable debug output in the opensc library. SEE ALSO
opensc-explorer(1) opensc 06/03/2012 OPENSC-TOOL(1)
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