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ncursesw5-config(1) [centos man page]

ncursesw5-config(1)					      General Commands Manual					       ncursesw5-config(1)

ncursesw5-config - helper script for ncurses libraries SYNOPSIS
ncursesw5-config [options] DESCRIPTION
This is a shell script which simplifies configuring applications against a particular set of ncurses libraries. OPTIONS
--prefix echos the package-prefix of ncurses --exec-prefix echos the executable-prefix of ncurses --cflags echos the C compiler flags needed to compile with ncurses --libs echos the libraries needed to link with ncurses --version echos the release+patchdate version of ncurses --abi-version echos the ABI version of ncurses --mouse-version echos the mouse-interface version of ncurses --bindir echos the directory containing ncurses programs --datadir echos the directory containing ncurses data --includedir echos the directory containing ncurses header files --libdir echos the directory containing ncurses libraries --mandir echos the directory containing ncurses manpages --terminfo echos the $TERMINFO terminfo database path, e.g., /usr/share/terminfo --terminfo-dirs echos the $TERMINFO_DIRS directory list, e.g., /etc/terminfo:/usr/share/terminfo --termpath echos the $TERMPATH termcap list, if support for termcap is configured. --help prints this message SEE ALSO
curses(3X) This describes ncurses version 5.9 (patch 20130511). ncursesw5-config(1)

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ncurses5.4-config(1)					    BSD General Commands Manual 				      ncurses5.4-config(1)

ncurses5.4-config -- report configuration and linking information for ncurses SYNOPSIS
ncurses5.4-config {--prefix | --exex-prefix | --cflags | --libs | --version | --abi-version | --mouse-version | --bindir | --datadir | --lib- dir | --mandir | --terminfo | --terminfo-dirs | --termpath } DESCRIPTION
The ncurses5.4-config utility reports ncurses configuration and linking information. The options are as follows: ---prefix Reports package-prefix ncurses5.4-config was installed with ---exec-prefix Reports executable-prefix ncurses5.4-config was installed with ---cflags Reports C compiler flags needed to compile with ncurses ---libs Reports libraries needed to link with ncurses ---version Reports release+patchdate version ncurses5.4-config was installed with ---abi-version Reports ABI version ncurses5.4-config was installed with ---mouse-version Reports mouse-interface version ncurses5.4-config was installed with ---bindir Reports directory containing ncurses5.4-config programs ---datadir Reports directory containing ncurses5.4-config data ---libdir Reports directory containing ncurses5.4-config libraries ---mandir Reports directory containing ncurses5.4-config manpages ---terminfo Reports $TERMINFO terminfo database path ---terminfo-dirs Reports $TERMINFO_DIRS directory list ---termpath Reports $TERMPATH termcap list EXIT STATUS
The ncurses5.4-config utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. BSD
January 13, 2009 BSD
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