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mokutil(1) [centos man page]

MOKUTIL(1)						      General Commands Manual							MOKUTIL(1)

mokutil - utility to manipulate machine owner keys SYNOPSIS
mokutil [--list-enrolled] mokutil [--list-new] mokutil [--list-delete] mokutil [--import keylist| -i keylist] ([--hash-file hashfile | -f hashfile] | [--root-pw | -P] | [--simple-hash | -s]) mokutil [--delete keylist | -d keylist] ([--hash-file hashfile | -f hashfile] | [--root-pw | -P] | [--simple-hash | -s]) mokutil [--revoke-import] mokutil [--revoke-delete] mokutil [--export | -x] mokutil [--password | -p] ([--hash-file hashfile | -f hashfile] | [--root-pw | -P] | [--simple-hash | -s]) mokutil [--clear-password | -c] ([--simple-hash | -s]) mokutil [--disable-validation] mokutil [--enable-validation] mokutil [--sb-state] mokutil [--test-key | -t] ... mokutil [--reset] ([--hash-file hashfile | -f hashfile] | [--root-pw | -P] | [--simple-hash | -s]) mokutil [--generate-hash=password | -gpassword] DESCRIPTION
mokutil is a tool to import or delete the machines owner keys (MOK) stored in the database of shim. OPTIONS
--list-enrolled List the keys the already stored in the database --list-new List the keys to be enrolled --list-delete List the keys to be deleted --import Collect the followed files and form a request to shim. The files must be in DER format. --revoke-import Revoke the current import request (MokNew) --revoke-delete Revoke the current delete request (MokDel) --export Export the keys stored in MokListRT --password Setup the password for MokManager (MokPW) --clear-password Clear the password for MokManager (MokPW) --disable-validation Disable the validation process in shim --enrolled-validation Enable the validation process in shim --sb-state Show SecureBoot State --test-key Test if the key is enrolled or not --reset Reset MOK list --generate-hash Generate the password hash --hash-file Use the password hash from a specific file --root-pw Use the root password hash from /etc/shadow --simple-hash Use the old SHA256 password hash method to hash the password Note: --root-pw invalidates --simple-hash Thu Jul 25 2013 MOKUTIL(1)

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MouseX::NativeTraits::HashRef(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			MouseX::NativeTraits::HashRef(3pm)

MouseX::NativeTraits::HashRef - Helper trait for HashRef attributes SYNOPSIS
package Stuff; use Mouse; has 'options' => ( traits => ['Hash'], is => 'ro', isa => 'HashRef[Str]', default => sub { {} }, handles => { set_option => 'set', get_option => 'get', has_no_options => 'is_empty', num_options => 'count', delete_option => 'delete', pairs => 'kv', }, ); DESCRIPTION
This module provides a Hash attribute which provides a number of hash-like operations. PROVIDED METHODS
These methods are implemented in MouseX::NativeTraits::MethodProvider::HashRef. get($key, $key2, $key3...) Returns values from the hash. In list context return a list of values in the hash for the given keys. In scalar context returns the value for the last key specified. set($key => $value, $key2 => $value2...) Sets the elements in the hash to the given values. delete($key, $key2, $key3...) Removes the elements with the given keys. exists($key) Returns true if the given key is present in the hash. defined($key) Returns true if the value of a given key is defined. keys Returns the list of keys in the hash. sorted_keys Returns the list of sorted keys in the hash. values Returns the list of values in the hash. kv Returns the key/value pairs in the hash as an array of array references. for my $pair ( $object->options->pairs ) { print "$pair->[0] = $pair->[1] "; } elements Returns the key/value pairs in the hash as a flattened list. clear Resets the hash to an empty value, like "%hash = ()". count Returns the number of elements in the hash. Also useful for not empty: "has_options => 'count'". is_empty If the hash is populated, returns false. Otherwise, returns true. accessor If passed one argument, returns the value of the specified key. If passed two arguments, sets the value of the specified key. METHODS
meta method_provider_class helper_type SEE ALSO
MouseX::NativeTraits perl v5.14.2 2011-12-04 MouseX::NativeTraits::HashRef(3pm)
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