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mid3v2(1) [centos man page]

mid3v2(1)						      General Commands Manual							 mid3v2(1)

mid3v2 - audio tag editor similar to 'id3v2' SYNOPSIS
mid3v2 [options] filename ... DESCRIPTION
mid3v2 is a Mutagen-based replacement for id3lib's id3v2. It supports ID3v2.4 and more frames; it also does not have the numerous bugs that plague id3v2. This program exists mostly for compatibility with programs that want to tag files using id3v2. For a more usable interface, we recommend Ex Falso. OPTIONS
-q, --quiet Be quiet: do not mention file operations that perform the user's request. Warnings will still be printed. -v, --verbose Be verbose: state all operations performed. This is the opposite of --quiet. This is the default. -f, --list-frames Display all supported ID3v2.3/2.4 frames and their meanings. -L, --list-genres List all ID3v1 numeric genres. These can be used to set TCON frames, but it is not recommended. -l, --list List all tags in the files. The output format is not the same as id3v2's; instead, it is easily parsable and readable. Some tags may not have human-readable representations. --list-raw List all tags in the files, in raw format. Although this format is nominally human-readable, it may be very long if the tag contains embedded binary data. -d, --delete-v2 Delete ID3v2 tags. -s, --delete-v1 Delete ID3v1 tags. -D, --delete-all Delete all ID3 tags. --delete-frames=FID1,FID2,... Delete specific ID3v2 frames (or groups of frames) from the files. -C, --convert Convert ID3v1 tags to ID3v2 tags. This will also happen automatically during any editing. -a, --artist=artist Set the artist information (TPE1). -A, --album=album Set the album information (TALB). -t, --song=title Set the title information (TIT2). -c, --comment=DESCRIPTION:COMMENT:LANGUAGE Set a comment (COMM). The language and description may be omitted, in which case the language defaults to English, and the descrip- tion to an empty string. -g, --genre=genre Set the genre information (TCON). -y, --year=, --date=YYYY-[MM-DD] Set the year/date information (TDRC). -Tnum/num, --track=num/num Set the track number (TRCK). Any text or URL frame (those beginning with T or W) can be modified or added by prefixing the name of the frame with "--". For example, --TIT3 "Monkey!" will set the TIT3 (subtitle) frame to Monkey!. BUGS
No sanity checking is done on the editing operations you perform, so mid3v2 will happily accept --TSIZ when editing an ID3v2.4 frame. How- ever, it will also automatically throw it out during the next edit operation. AUTHOR
Joe Wreschnig is the author of mid3v2, but he doesn't like to admit it. December 12th, 2009 mid3v2(1)

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eugene(1)						      General Commands Manual							 eugene(1)

eugene - mpdcron statistics client SYNOPSIS
eugene command [option] DESCRIPTION
eugene is an mpdcron client which can be used to interact with the statistics database. COMMANDS
By default these commands (except the first three) work on the current playing song. For more information about the expression syntax, see: <>. help Display help and exit. version Display version and exit. list [option...] expression List song/artist/album/genre. listinfo [option...] [expression] List song/artist/album/genre. count [option...] count [expression] Change play count of song/artist/album/genre. countabs [option...] count [expression] Change (absolute fashion) play count of song/artist/album/genre. hate [option...] [expression] Hate song/artist/album/genre. love [option...] [expression] Love song/artist/album/genre. kill [option...] [expression] Kill song/artist/album/genre. unkill [option...] [expression] Unkill song/artist/album/genre. rate [option...] rating [expression] Rate song/artist/album/genre. rateabs [option...] rating [expression] Rate (absolute fashion) song/artist/album/genre. addtag [option...] tag [expression] Add tag to song/artist/album/genre. rmtag [option...] tag [expression] Remove tag from song/artist/album/genre. listtags [option...] [expression] List tags of song/artist/album/genre. OPTIONS
-h, --help Show help options. -a, --artist Apply on artists instead of songs. -A, --album Apply on albums instead of songs. -g, --genre Apply on genres instead of songs. SEE ALSO
o mpdcron(1) o <> REPORTING BUGS
If you find a bug, please report it at <>. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2009 Ali Polatel <> Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). AUTHORS
David Prevot <>. manual February 25, 2011 eugene(1)

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