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mcookie(1) [centos man page]

MCOOKIE(1)							   User Commands							MCOOKIE(1)

mcookie - generate magic cookies for xauth SYNOPSIS
mcookie [options] DESCRIPTION
mcookie generates a 128-bit random hexadecimal number for use with the X authority system. Typical usage: xauth add :0 . `mcookie` The "random" number generated is actually the output of the MD5 message digest fed with various pieces of random information: the current time, the process id, the parent process id, and optionally the contents of an input file. and several bytes of information from the first of the following devices which is present: /dev/random, /dev/urandom, files in /proc, /dev/audio. OPTIONS
-f, --file=FILE Use file as a macig cookie seed. When file is defined as `-' character input is read from stdin. -v, --verbose Explain what is being done. -V, --version Output version information and exit. -h, --help Display this help and exit. BUGS
The entropy in the generated 128-bit is probably quite small (and, therefore, vulnerable to attack) unless a non-pseudorandom number gener- ator is used (e.g., /dev/random under Linux). It is assumed that none of the devices opened will block. FILES
/dev/random /dev/urandom /dev/audio /proc/stat /proc/loadavg SEE ALSO
X(1), xauth(1), md5sum(1) AVAILABILITY
The mcookie command is part of the util-linux package and is available from util-linux June 2011 MCOOKIE(1)

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UUIDGEN(1)							   User Commands							UUIDGEN(1)

uuidgen - create a new UUID value SYNOPSIS
uuidgen [options] DESCRIPTION
The uuidgen program creates (and prints) a new universally unique identifier (UUID) using the libuuid(3) library. The new UUID can reason- ably be considered unique among all UUIDs created on the local system, and among UUIDs created on other systems in the past and in the future. There are two types of UUIDs which uuidgen can generate: time-based UUIDs and random-based UUIDs. By default uuidgen will generate a ran- dom-based UUID if a high-quality random number generator is present. Otherwise, it will choose a time-based UUID. It is possible to force the generation of one of these two UUID types by using the -r or -t options. OPTIONS
-r, --random Generate a random-based UUID. This method creates a UUID consisting mostly of random bits. It requires that the operating system have a high quality random number generator, such as /dev/random. -t, --time Generate a time-based UUID. This method creates a UUID based on the system clock plus the system's ethernet hardware address, if present. -h, --help Display help text and exit. -V, --version Display version information and exit. CONFORMING TO
uuidgen was written by Andreas Dilger for libuuid. AVAILABILITY
The uuidgen command is part of the util-linux package and is available from SEE ALSO
libuuid(3) util-linux June 2011 UUIDGEN(1)
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