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ipa-getcert(1) [centos man page]

certmonger(1)						      General Commands Manual						     certmonger(1)

ipa-getcert SYNOPSIS
ipa-getcert request [options] ipa-getcert resubmit [options] ipa-getcert start-tracking [options] ipa-getcert stop-tracking [options] ipa-getcert list [options] ipa-getcert list-cas [options] DESCRIPTION
The ipa-getcert tool issues requests to a org.fedorahosted.certmonger service on behalf of the invoking user. It can ask the service to begin enrollment, optionally generating a key pair to use, it can ask the service to begin monitoring a certificate in a specified location for expiration, and optionally to refresh it when expiration nears, it can list the set of certificates that the service is already moni- toring, or it can list the set of CAs that the service is capable of using. If no command is given as the first command-line argument, ipa-getcert will print short usage information for each of its functions. The ipa-getcert tool behaves identically to the generic getcert tool when it is used with the -c IPA option. BUGS
Please file tickets for any that you find at SEE ALSO
certmonger(8) getcert-list(1) getcert-list-cas(1) getcert-request(1) getcert-resubmit(1) getcert-start-tracking(1) getcert-stop-tracking(1) certmonger-certmaster-submit(8) certmonger-ipa-submit(8) certmonger_selinux(8) certmonger Manual 3 November 2009 certmonger(1)
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