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ibus-daemon(1) [centos man page]

IBUS-DAEMON(1)							   User Commands						    IBUS-DAEMON(1)

ibus-daemon - daemon program for ibus SYNOPSIS
ibus-daemon [OPTION]... DESCRIPTION
IBus is an Intelligent Input Bus. It is a new input framework for Linux OS. It provides full featured and user friendly input method user interface. It also may help developers to develop input method easily. ibus-daemon is a daemon program for ibus and it is also a start up program for users to activate ibus daemon, engines and panel. Help Options: -h, --help Show help options Application Options: -d, --daemonize run ibus as background process. -s, --single do not execute panel and config module. -x, --xim execute ibus XIM server. -n, --desktop=name specify the name of desktop session. [default=gnome] -p, --panel=cmdline specify the cmdline of panel program. -c, --config=cmdline specify the cmdline of config program. -a, --address=address specify the address of ibus daemon. -r, --replace if there is an old ibus-daemon is running, it will be replaced. -t, --cache=mode [default is auto] force to re-scan components, and re-create registry cache. auto, refresh, none is available. -o, --timeout=timeout [default is 2000] dbus reply timeout in milliseconds. -j, --monitor-timeout=timeout [default is 0] timeout of poll changes of engines in seconds. 0 to disable it. -m, --mem-profile enable memory profile, send SIGUSR2 to print out the memory profile. -v, --verbose verbose. BUGS
If you find a bug, please report it at SEE ALSO
ibus(1) 1.5.3 April 2010 IBUS-DAEMON(1)

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tz(4)							     Kernel Interfaces Manual							     tz(4)

       tz - SCSI magnetic tape interface

       VAX NCR 5380:
	 adapter      uba0    at nexus?
	 controller   scsi0   at uba0	 csr 0x200c0080  vector szintr
	 tape	      tz0     at scsi0	 drive 0

       VAX DEC SII:
	 adapter      ibus0   at nexus?
	 controller   sii0    at ibus?	 vector sii_intr
	 tape	      tz0     at sii0	 drive 0

       RISC DEC SII:
	 adapter      ibus0   at nexus?
	 controller   sii0    at ibus?	 vector sii_intr
	 tape	      tz0     at sii0	 drive 0

       RISC DEC KZQ:
	 adapter      uba0    at nexus?
	 controller   kzq0    at ibus? csr 0761300vector sii_intr
	 tape	      tz0     at kzq0	 drive 0

       RISC NCR ASC:
	 adapter      ibus0   at nexus?
	 controller   asc0    at ibus?	 vector ascintr
	 tape	      tz0     at asc0	 drive 0

       The SCSI tape driver provides a standard tape drive interface as described in This is a driver for any Digital SCSI tape device.

       For  the  TZK10	QIC  format tape drive, the densities supported are QIC-24 (read only) block size of 512 byte blocks, QIC-120, and QIC-150
       read/write block size of 512 byte blocks, and QIC-320 read/write block size of 1024 byte blocks.  With QIC format style tapes all reads and
       writes  must  be  in  multiple  of the block size.  This is a requirement of fixed block tape drives because record boundaries are not pre-
       served.	The QIC densities are selected using the following special device names:

	 QIC-24 Fixed block size.
	 QIC-120 Fixed block size.
	 QIC-150 Fixed block size.
	 QIC-320 Fixed block size.

       With all fixed block tape devices a of a file to the tape must be padded out.  An example of this is a of which has a size of approximately
       3800 bytes.
       dd if=/etc/gettytab of=/dev/rmt0h bs=10k conv=sync
       dd if=/etc/gettytab of=/dev/rmt0l bs=512 conv=sync
       The option of pads the output to block size.

       This  driver  also  supports  n-buffered  reads	and  writes  to the raw tape interface (used with streaming tape drives).  See for further

Tape Support
       TZ30, TZK50, TLZ04, TSZ05, TKZ08, TZK10

       All diagnostic messages are sent to the error logger subsystem.

See Also
       mtio(4), nbuf(4), SCSI(4), MAKEDEV(8), uerf(8), tapex(8)
       Guide to the Error Logger


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