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basic_db_auth(1) [centos man page]

BASIC_DB_AUTH(1)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					  BASIC_DB_AUTH(1)

basic_db_auth - Database auth helper for Squid SYNOPSIS
basic_db_auth [options] DESCRIPTOIN
This program verifies username & password to a database --dsn Database DSN. Default "DBI:mysql:database=squid" --user Database User --password Database password --table Database table. Default "passwd". --usercol Username column. Default "user". --passwdcol Password column. Default "password". --cond Condition, defaults to enabled=1. Specify 1 or "" for no condition If you use --joomla flag, this condition will be changed to block=0 --plaintext Database contains plain-text passwords --md5 Database contains unsalted md5 passwords --salt Selects the correct salt to evaluate passwords --persist Keep a persistent database connection open between queries. --joomla Tells helper that user database is Joomla DB. So their unusual salt hashing is understood. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2007 Henrik Nordstrom <> Copyright (C) 2010 Luis Daniel Lucio Quiroz <> (Joomla support) This program is free software. You may redistribute copies of it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2, or (at youropinion) any later version. perl v5.16.3 2014-06-09 BASIC_DB_AUTH(1)

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dxchpwd(1X)															       dxchpwd(1X)

dxchpwd - Create or change password program SYNOPSIS
dxchpwd dxchpwd -r | -l dxchpwd [-r | -l] -q dxchpwd [-r | -l] -u username OPTIONS
If dxchpwd is invoked without any options, it is assumed that the current user's password is to be changed. The following options are also accepted: Tells dxchpwd that the password change is to be done for a Local user. This can be combined with the -u and -q options. Tells dxchpwd that the password change is to be done for a NIS user. This can only be done from a NIS master and can be combined with the -u and -q options. Tells dxchpwd to query the user for the user name of the account whose password is to be changed. Tells dxchpwd to change this user's password. DESCRIPTION
The dxchpwd command lets you change your password. When you invoke the dxchpwd command, the program prompts you for the old password and then for the new password. Next, the program asks you for the new password again, to verify that you have typed it correctly. Note that the passwords are not displayed on the screen. Your new password must meet the length requirements specified by the authorization database for the user whose password is being changed. If your system is running with enhanced security, you may have to choose a password from a list of randomly generated passwords or you may be prohibited from changing your password until its minimum lifetime has expired, as specified in the authorization database. EXAMPLES
The following example requests that the password be changed for user smith: dxchpwd -u smith FILES
Password file Protected Password Database dxchpwd executable SEE ALSO
X(1X), xdm(1X), passwd(1) dxchpwd(1X)
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