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alacarte(1) [centos man page]

ALACARTE(1)							   User Commands						       ALACARTE(1)

alacarte - Edit menus SYNOPSIS
alacarte is a graphical editor for the menus that are used by many desktop environments. It can also edit and create application desktop files. OPTIONS
alacarte does not accept any commandline options. ENVIRONMENT
XDG_CONFIG_DIRS alacarte looks in the menus subdirectory of these directories for menu files. The default location for menu files is /etc/xdg/menus. XDG_DATA_DIRS alacarte looks in the applications subdirectory of these directories for desktop files. The default location for desktop files is /usr/share/applications. XDG_CONFIG_HOME The menus subdirectory of this directory is where alacarte stores modified menu files. The default location for modified menu files is $HOME/.config/menus. XDG_DATA_HOME The applications subdirectory of this directory is where alacarte stores modified and newly created desktop files. The default location for these is $HOME/.local/share/applications. XDG_MENU_PREFIX alacarte is editing the menus defined by the file $ GNOME uses the menu file GNOME

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install-menu(1) 					      Debian GNU/Linux manual						   install-menu(1)

install-menu - Process a menu method and generate the menu files for a window manager or a menu-aware application. DESCRIPTION
update-menus(1) computes the list of menu entries and passes it in turn to the menu methods in /etc/menu-methods/. The task of a menu meth- ods is to generate menus for a specific window manager. install-menu provides a generic and customizable way to do that. The documentation of the install-menu definition language is available in the Debian Menu manual, a local copy being available in /usr/share/doc/menu/html. SYNOPSIS
install-menu [-vh] [--remove] <menu-method> Read menu entries from stdin in update-menus --stdout format and generate menu files using the specified menu-method. Normally used in menu method scripts as #! /usr/bin/install-menu. OPTIONS
-h,--help Show the help message and exit. --remove Remove the menu files instead of generating them. -v,--verbose Output messages about what the program is doing. COPYING
install-menu is distributed under the term of the GNU General Public License version 2, or (at your option) any later version. AUTHOR
Written by Joost Witteveen <>. Now maintained by Bill Allombert <>. SEE ALSO
update-menus(1), menufile(5), /usr/share/doc/menu/html Debian Project 28 November 2005 install-menu(1)

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