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abrt-server(1) [centos man page]

ABRT-SERVER(1)							    ABRT Manual 						    ABRT-SERVER(1)

abrt-server - Unix socket for ABRT. SYNOPSIS
abrt-server [-u UID] [-spv[v]...] DESCRIPTION
abrt-server is executed by abrtd daemon to handle socket connections. Every application in system is able to invoke creation of a new problem directory by following the communication protocol (described below in section PROTOCOL). OPTIONS
-u UID Use UID as client uid -s Log to system log. -p Add program names to log. -v Log more detailed debugging information. PROTOCOL
Initializing new dump: connect to UNIX domain socket /var/run/abrt.socket Providing data (writting data to the socket): -> "POST / HTTP/1.1 " -> " " -> "type=string" string, maximum length 100 bytes -> "reason=string" string, maximum length 512 bytes -> "pid=number" number, 0 - PID_MAX (/proc/sys/kernel/pid_max) -> "executable=string" string, maximum length ~MAX_PATH -> "backtrace=string" string, maximum length 1 MB -> (close writing half of the socket) <- "HTTP/1.1 201 " <- " " Deleting problem directory: -> "DELETE <directory_name> HTTP/1.1 " -> " " -> (close writing half of the socket) <- "HTTP/1.1 200 " <- " " AUTHORS
o ABRT team abrt 2.1.11 06/18/2014 ABRT-SERVER(1)

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ABRT-ACTION-GENERA(1)						    ABRT Manual 					     ABRT-ACTION-GENERA(1)

abrt-action-generate-core-backtrace - Generates coredump-level backtrace SYNOPSIS
abrt-action-generate-core-backtrace [-v] [-r] [-d DIR] DESCRIPTION
This tool uses coredump from the file coredump and binary at the path stored in file executable in the problem directory to generate coredump-level backtrace. Coredump-level backtrace resembles ordinary backtrace in that it contains information about call frames present on the stack at the time of the crash. However, it only contains information that can be obtained from the coredump without debugging symbols available - mainly relative addresses of the stored instruction pointers. Such backtrace can still be useful for reporting and reproducing the bug and does not require debugging information files to be installed. The result is saved in the problem directory in a file named core_backtrace. Integration with libreport events abrt-action-generate-core-backtrace can be used as an analyzer for application crashes which dump core. Example usage in report_event.conf: EVENT=analyze analyzer=CCpp abrt-action-generate-core-backtrace OPTIONS
-d DIR Path to problem directory. -r Do not hash function fingerprints. Useful for debugging. -v Be more verbose. Can be given multiple times. AUTHORS
o ABRT team abrt 2.1.11 06/18/2014 ABRT-ACTION-GENERA(1)
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