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Xvminitoppm User Manual(0)					       Xvminitoppm User Manual(0)

       xvminitoppm - convert an XV 'thumbnail' picture to PPM



       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       xvminittoppm  reads an XV 'thumbnail' picture (a miniature picture generated by the 'Visu-
       alSchnauzer' browser) as input and produces a PPM image as output.

       pamtoxvmini(1) , ppm(1) , xv manual

       A program of this name was written in 1993 by Ingo Wilken and was  part	of  Netpbm  until
       Release	10.34  (April 2006).  At that time, it was replaced in Netpbm by the current pro-
       gram, which was written by Bryan Henderson.  The function of the newer program is  identi-
       cal to that of the older one; the reason for the replacement is that the newer one is eas-
       ier to maintain.

netpbm documentation			  02 April 2006 	       Xvminitoppm User Manual(0)
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