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CentOS 7.0 - man page for ppmtospu (centos section 0)

Ppmtospu User Manual(0) 						  Ppmtospu User Manual(0)

       ppmtospu - convert a PPM image to an Atari Spectrum 512 image


       [-d0|-d2|-d4] [ppmfile]

       All  options  can be abbreviated to their shortest unique prefix.  You may use two hyphens
       instead of one.	You may separate an option name and its value with white space instead of
       an equals sign.

       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       This  program  converts	from the PPM format to the uncompressed Spectrum 512 image format
       used on Atari ST computers.

       Input comes from the file you name  with  the  ppmfile  argument,  or  Standard	Input  by
       default.  Output goes to Standard Output.

       The input must be 320 pixels wide by 200 pixels high.  If you have an image of a different
       size, you can use pamcut or pamscale to force it to these dimensions.

       -d0    The program does no dithering.

       -d2    The program uses a 2x2 ordered dither.

	      This is the default.

       -d4    The program uses a 4x4 ordered dither.

       sputoppm(1) , sputoppm(1) , pamscale(1) , pamcut(1) , ppm(1)

       Copyright (C) 1990 by Steve Belczyk

       This program was new in Netpbm 10.58 (March 2012).

       But it was written in 1990.  Steve  Belczyk  posted  it	along  with  sputoppm,	spctoppm,
       pi1toppm,  and  pi1toppm  -  all  programs  for	dealing  with  Atari  image  formats - to
       comp.sources.misc on July 15, 1990.  For reasons that have been lost to	history,  all  of
       these entered the Netpbm (then Pbmplus) distribution except ppmtospu.

       Georges Kesseler wondered In March 2012 why there was no counterpart to sputoppm in Netpbm
       and searched the web, finding only one reference to ppmtopsu: the  1990	comp.sources.misc
       posting,  including  the  source  code.	He emailed the Netpbm maintainer suggesting it be

       Bryan Henderson found the source code to be extremely primitive,  not  even  using  common
       library	code.	So  Bryan  completely recoded it, but retained nearly all of the original

netpbm documentation			  08 March 2012 		  Ppmtospu User Manual(0)

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