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Ppmtomitsu User Manual(0)						Ppmtomitsu User Manual(0)

       ppmtomitsu - convert a PPM image to a Mitsubishi S340-10 file


       [-sharpness val]

       [-enlarge val]

       [-media string]

       [-copy val]




       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       ppmtomitsu reads a PPM image as input and converts it into a format suitable to be printed
       by a Mitsubishi S340-10 printer, or any other Mitsubishi color sublimation printer.

       The Mitsubishi S340-10 Color Sublimation printer supports  24bit  color.   Images  of  the
       available sizes take so long to transfer that there is a fast method, employing a lookupt-
       able, that ppmtomitsu will use if there is a maximum of 256 colors  in  the  image.   ppm-
       tomitsu	will  try to position your image to the center of the paper, and will rotate your
       image for you if xsize is larger than ysize.  If your  image  is  larger  than  the  media
       allows,	ppmtomitsu  will  quit with an error message. (We decided that the media were too
       expensive to have careless users produce misprints.)  Once data transmission has  started,
       the  job can't be stopped in a sane way without resetting the printer.  The printer under-
       stands putting together images in the printers memory; ppmtomitsu doesn't utilize this  as
       pnmcat etc provide the same functionality and let you view the result on-screen, too.  The
       S340-10 is the lowest common denominator printer; for higher resolution	printers  there's
       the  dpi300  option.  The  other printers also support higher values for enlarge eg, but I
       don't think that's essential enough to warrant a change in the program.

       For proper results, the input maxval must be 255.  Use pamdepth to ensure that it is.

       Before Netpbm 10.40 (September 2007), all Netpbm PPM programs, including ppmtomitsu, see a
       PBM  image  as  having  maxval 1, so ppmtomitsu does not function properly with PBM input.
       You can use ppmtoppm together with pamdepth to turn your PBM input  into  maxval  255  PPM
       input that ppmtomitsu will use properly.

       -sharpness 1-4
	      'sharpness' designation.	Default is  to use the current sharpness.

       -enlarge 1-3
	      Enlarge by a factor; Default is 1 (no enlarge)

       -media {A|A4|AS|A4S}
	      Designate  the  media  you're using.  Default is 1184 x 1350, which will fit on any
	      media.  A is 1216 x 1350, A4 is 1184 x 1452, AS is 1216 x 1650 and A4S  is  1184	x
	      1754.   A warning: If you specify a different media than the printer currently has,
	      the printer will wait until you put in the correct media or switch it off.

       -copy 1-9
	      The number of copies to produce.	Default is 1.

	      Double the number of allowed pixels for a S3600-30 Printer in S340-10 compatibility
	      mode.  (The S3600-30 has 300 dpi).

       -tiny  Memory-saving,  but  always  slow.  The  printer	will get the data line-by-line in
	      24bit. It's probably a good idea to use this if your machine starts  paging  a  lot
	      without this option.

       Mitsubishi  Sublimation	Full  Color  Printer S340-10 Specifications of Parallel Interface

       pnmquant(1) , pamscale(1) , ppm(1)

       Copyright (C) 1992, 93 by S.Petra  Zeidler,  MPIfR  Bonn,  Germany.   (spz@specklec.mpifr-

netpbm documentation			  24 March 2009 		Ppmtomitsu User Manual(0)
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