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Ppmtogif User Manual(0) 						  Ppmtogif User Manual(0)

       ppmtogif was replaced in Netpbm 10.37 (December 2006) by pamtogif(1)

       pamtogif is mostly backward compatible with ppmtogif.

       One  way  pamtogif  is  not  backward compatible with ppmtogif is that to specify a trans-
       parency (alpha) mask with ppmtogif, you supply the transparency as a  separate  pseudo-PGM
       image and use the -alpha option, whereas with pamtogif, you supply an input image that has
       the transparency integrated into it, and there is no -alpha option.

       ppmtogif still exists as a separate program for backward compatibility, but it  runs  pam-
       togif to do the essential work.	The compatibility ppmtogif interprets an -alpha option by
       reading the transparency image and combining it with the input image,  then  feeding  pam-
       togif  the  combined  image  it expects.  Other than that, the compatibility ppmtogif just
       passes input and options directly to pamtogif.

       You should not make any new use of ppmtogif and if you modify an existing use, you  should
       upgrade to pamtogif.  But note that if you write a program that might have to be used with
       old Netpbm, ppmtogif is the only way to do that.

       Unless you use the -alpha option, you can simply change the name of the program.   If  you
       use -alpha, here is how to upgrade:

	 $ ppmtogif -alpha=myalpha.pgm myinput.ppm >myoutput.gif


	 $ pamstack -tupletype=RGB_ALPHA myinput.ppm myalpha.pgm |  \
	     pamtogif >myoutput.gif

Original Ppmtogif
       If  you	are  using Netpbm before 10.37, pamtogif doesn't exist, so you use ppmtogif.  You
       can use the pamtogif manual for ppmtogif, with the following exceptions.

       The current documentation of pamtogif documents all versions of	that  program.	 Use  the
       information for Version 10.37 only.

       ppmtogif before Netpbm 10.31 does not accept PAM input at all.

       ppmtogif does not accept PAM input with transparency information in it.	Instead, ppmtogif
       has an -alpha option.

       The syntax of the option is -alpha=pgmfile.  ppmtogif treats the contents of the named PGM
       file  the  same	as pamtogif treats the alpha plane of a PAM.  The PGM image must have the
       same dimensions as the input file.  But unlike the PAM case, the alpha image need not have
       the  same  maxval as the input.	ppmtogif interprets the alpha file using the alpha file's

       You cannot specify both -transparent and -alpha.

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