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Ppmquantall User Manual(0)					       Ppmquantall User Manual(0)

       ppmquantall - replaced by pnmquantall

       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       ppmquantall  was  obsoleted by pnmquantall(1) , introduced with Netpbm 10.58 (March 2012).
       pnmquantall is just a renaming to reflect the fact that the program handles all	kinds  of
       Netpbm  input  files,  not just PPM.  Though this was not always the case, it had been for
       many years before the renaming.

       For Netpbm before 10.58, where the program  is  still  named  ppmquantall,  just  use  the
       pnmquantall manual.

netpbm documentation			  05 March 2012 	       Ppmquantall User Manual(0)
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