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Ppmmake User Manual(0)							   Ppmmake User Manual(0)

       ppmmake - create a PPM image of a specified color and dimensions

       ppmmake [-maxval=maxval] color width height

       All  options  can be abbreviated to their shortest unique prefix.  You may use two hyphens
       instead of one to designate an option.  You may use either white space or an  equals  sign
       between an option name and its value.

       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       ppmmake produces a PPM image of the specified color, width, height, and maxval.

       Specify	the  color  (color) as described for the argument of the ppm_parsecolor() library
       routine <libppm.html#colorname> .

	   ppmmake red 50 50
	   ppmmake rgb:ff/80/80 50 100 -maxval=5

		   The maxval for the generated image.	Default is 255.

		   This option did not exist before June 2002.	Before, the maxval was
		   always 255.

       pbmmake(1) , pgmmake(1) , ppmpat(1) , ppm(1)

       Copyright (C) 1991 by Jef Poskanzer.

netpbm documentation			02 September 2002		   Ppmmake User Manual(0)
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