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Ppmdmkfont User Manual(0)						Ppmdmkfont User Manual(0)

       ppmdmkfont - Create Ppmdfont 'standard'.


       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       ppmdmkfont  creates  the 'standard' Ppmdfont font as a Ppmdfont file.  It has no input; it
       always generates identical files.

       (There are no arguments or options)

       This program is useful mainly as an example for creating other fonts.  libnetpbm  has  the
       'standard' font built in.

       See LibnetpbmPPMDrawingFunction Manual (1)
	for details on Ppmdfont files.

       ppmdraw(1) , ppmddumpfont(1) , ppmdcfont(1) , LibnetpbmPPMDrawingFunctionManual(1)

netpbm documentation			  September 2005		Ppmdmkfont User Manual(0)
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