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Ppmdim User Manual(0)							    Ppmdim User Manual(0)

       ppmdim - dim a PPM image

       ppmdim dimfactor [ppmfile]

       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       This program is largely obsoleted by the more general pamfunc(1)
	(use the -multiplier option).  ppmdim remains for backward compatibility and also because
       its use of integer arithmetic may make it faster.

       ppmdim reads a PPM image input and diminishes its brightness by the  specified  dimfactor.
       The dimfactor may be in the range from 0.0 (total blackness, deep night, nada, null, noth-
       ing) to 1.0 (original picture's brightness).

       ppm(1) , pamfunc(1) ,

       Copyright (C) 1993 by Frank Neumann

netpbm documentation			    June 2002			    Ppmdim User Manual(0)
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