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Ppmdcfont User Manual(0)						 Ppmdcfont User Manual(0)

       ppmdcfont - Turn a Ppmdfont file into C source for a builtin font


       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       (There are no arguments or options)

       ppmdcfont  creates  a C source file that you can compile into a built-in font for use with
       the Netpbm PPM drawing facilities.  It reads a Ppmdfont file on Standard Input and  writes
       the C source code to Standard Output.

       The  output C source code has the font object's name hardcoded as ppmd_standardfont, which
       you will definitely want to edit, because that is the name of the font built  in  to  lib-
       netpbm.	If you don't change it, it will conflict both cognitively and in program linking.
       There should obviously be an option on ppmdcfont  to  choose  this,  but  the  development
       effort has not been justified so far.

       See LibnetpbmPPMDrawingFunction Manual (1)
	for details on Ppmdfont files.

       ppmdraw(1) , ppmddumpfont(1) , ppmdcfont(1) , LibnetpbmPPMDrawingFunctionManual(1)

netpbm documentation			  September 2005		 Ppmdcfont User Manual(0)
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